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Mallow is a character who first appeared in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Mallow first appeared in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars as a playable character. In the beginning of SMRPG, Mallow was trying to get a coin that he was delivering to his grandfather back from the thief Croco. Mario helped Mallow get it back. After that, Mallow insisted that he was a frog and that he was delivering the pie to his grandfather. After going to Mallow's "home", his froggy grandfather told him a big secret: Mallow was no frog. Frogfucius (the grandfather) had found baby Mallow floating on a tadpole, so, he took Mallow in as his own. Mallow then insists that Mario take him to his real home to find his real parents, wherever they may be. After SMRPG ended, Mallow went off to become the new prince of Nimbus Land. He has most recently appeared fighting in Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated.


In Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated, after Tabuu rose from the grave and started the Subspace Army 2, Mallow was one of the first to join The Resistance, an act that is very out of character. And, at the end of the game, Mallow is one of the people who fight Tabuu head-on, another act that is out of his character.



"I'm a frog, but I can't jump. Embarrassing, huh?" "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee? You can't just go in there with your fists flying!" "He's the one who took my coin! Why didn't you stop him?"


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