Lyre (リィレ, Riire?) is a Cat Laguz of the Beast Tribe. She is the younger twin sister of Lethe and possibly has feelings for Commander Ranulf. She hates fighting but joins the army to be with Lethe and Ranulf. She is first introduced to the group in Chapter 3-1 by helping Lethe and Mist pass out poisoned food to knock out the guards. She is then an ally unit along with Lethe for that chapter. She officially joins the group in chapter 3-4. She and Kyza are both hinted at in a support conversation in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance between Ranulf and Lethe. Despite her hatred of war, Lyre still joined Gallia's army because she wanted to fight along with Lethe and could not bear to see her die.

Super Smash Sisters

Lyre is a playable laguz in SSS. She fights in battle with karate (in human form) unlike her sister. In some attacks, she can morph to her cat form.

To Unlock

  • Win Tournament Mode with Lethe
  • 218 Matches
  • Get her on your side in New Order

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