Attack: 3/5

Speed: 4/5

Attack Speed: 4/5

Jump: 3/5

Reach: 3/5

Gravity: 4/5

Weight: 3/5

Traction: 4/5

Height: 3/5


Lyn changes the color of her hair, costume, gloves and boots

Dark Aquamarine Hair, Sky Blue Costume, Dark Blue Gloves and Brown Boots (Default)

Red Hair, Red Costume, Brown Gloves and Black Boots

Black Hair, Royal Blue Costume, Gray Gloves and Dark Blue Boots

Green Hair, Green Costume, Black Gloves and Yellow Boots

Blond Hair, Golden Costume, White Gloves and Boots

Brown Hair, Pink Costume, Purple Gloves and Dark Red Boots


Lyn teleports from the stage


Up: Lyn does a half line pose with her sword saying "Taste my Blade!"

Left/Right: Lyn holds her sword with right hand and touches slowly

Down: Lyn throws her sword downward then it spins puts it back


Wall Jump


A: Slash

AA: Slash

AAA: Repeated Stab

A>: Roundhouse Stab

Smash A>: Sword Thrust

A^: Upper Thrust

Smash A^: Upper Slash

Av: Crouch Swipe

Smash Av: Half Slice

Running A: Sword Swing


A: Air Stab

^: Upper Swipe

A>: Swinging Slash

Av: Downward Thrust

A<: Backflip Slash


B: Green Wave - Lyn charges and swings her sword while a green cloud wave comes from the ground

B>: Green Tornado Slash - Lyn runs and spins around with her sword

B^: Rolling Slash - Lyn rolls around with her sword upward and recovers

Bv: Clones - 2 Clones of Lyn and slash in in all directions the real lyn slashes upward while the clones on lyn's left and right slash left and right respectively


Z: Grab

Z+A: Slash

Z^: Upward Toss and Sword Throw

Z>: Throw and Double Slash

Zv: Roll Throw and Sword Slam

Z<: Backward Throw and Swipe

Final Smash "When Clones Attack" one Hundred Clones of Lyn appear and leave the stage. Then they charge from either side and attack the opponent's causing massive damage. This final smash can't ko opponent's but it builds up their damage really quickly

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