Ferd Lucia
Lucia (ルキノ, Luchino in the Japanese version) is a young lady descended from Count Delbray's house, and is the older sister of Geoffrey. She is Elincia's milk sister and her dearest friend from their youth together. She is also often the subject of long rambling love declarations from Bastian who seems to be smitten with her. Lucia is an outstanding swordswoman, and is constantly challenged by duty and formality. Lucia commands the Royal Guards alongside her younger brother Geoffrey and also sets up a clandestine network of spies to monitor activity inside of Crimea.

When Crimea was defeated in the war, Lucia was led by Geoffrey, Bastian and other Crimean retainers, they were lurking in their country, and continuing to fight with Daein.

Lucia first appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance's 23rd Chapter as reinforcements representing the last of Crimea's then-current loyal retainers during the Mad King's War at the opposite side of the Great Bridge that the Crimean Liberation Army attempts to cross.

She is playable as the central character in Part 2 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn involving an infiltration chapter before she is captured by Duke Ludveck's rebels upon confirming her suspicions that the Duke was plotting to overthrow Elincia from dissatisfaction over her transient peaceful rule and pacifist choices regarding the news over the emancipation of Daein and Prince Pelleas's coronation to King. They eventually intend to execute her in public eye outside of Fort Alpea in order to undermine the young Queen, but she is subsequently rescued by the Greil Mercenaries as they make their return.

After Radiant Dawn, if she has a level A support with Bastian, they will begin to have casual affairs, but never marry.

Super Smash Sisters

Lucia is a playable swordswoman in SSS. She takes her sword out of it's sheathe to attack quickly then she will put it back when done. She can also use kicks. In the game, Lucia approves of her love for Elincia as shown when she is having a passionate moment with her queen.

To unlock

  • Hit at least 1500 ft in Home-Run contest
  • 330 Matches

Win the match that follows the top 2.

  • Get her on your side in New Order

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