This is Part 2 of the locations in the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Max

The Night Dimension



Your next stop is the infamous Night Dimension. This level is designed to take place in Delight City of Nights Journey of Dreams.

This level plays just like Delight City. There are switches found that light up neon pathways and elevators. You can't play as NiGHTS your first time playing this level as NiGHTS is your guide and tells you where the neon light switches are and what color the pathways and elevators should be for you to trek forward through the level. The trophies for this level are Birdo, Meta Knight, Krystal, Marth and Spyro the Dragon. This level lacks any false character matches and boss battles, so I made the trek itself challenging.

There is a cutscene at the end of this level that shows NiGHTS joining your party, not necessarily to fight evil, but rather because NiGHTS is bored and believes that joining your party might be fun.

Young Link's Time Line

Legend screen479

I know this is the same image I used for the Like like, but it's the only screenshot of a Zelda game I had that would fit this location

Young Link greets you in at your next location.

The first trophy you find in this level is the Link trophy(imagine that). After you find the Link, you'll come across a dark purple door with Protoman's face on it. Entering will trigger a match against False Protoman, defeat to have him join your party at the end after the level. After that you have the chance to grab the Zelda, Mr. Game & Watch and Pikachu trophies in that order.

In the cutscene at the end of the level, Young Link is intrigued by Link(probably because Link and Young Link are two different versions of the same person separated by time). He joins your party kind of by accident as he is following the older version of himself.

The Paper Dimension


Unlike Super Paper Mario, this is played entirely in 2D

Your next destination is one I personally call "The Paper Dimension". It's the dimension that Paper Mario is from.

This level takes place in Castle Bleck. You start on the lowered drawbridge, nothing there but at the end you find what looks in 2D like a solid wall. There's a door here you can't see from your angle. Once inside, travel until you see the dark purple door with Metal Sonic's face on it(possibly grabbing th Slippy Toad and Kirby trophies on the way). Enter to face False Metal Sonic, defeat him to trigger a cutscene in which Metal Sonic is revived after which you return to where the door used to be. Before the end of the level, you have the chance to grab the large Donkey Kong trophy. There is a cutscene after the trek that shows you entering a dark purple door with King K. Rool's face.

After defeating False King K. Rool and reviving the real one, Paper Mario finally shows up. Once you tell him your story, he'll join your party and become playable.

Vectorman's Future


Ahhh memories

This is the year 2049 and Vectorman is ready to show up. Ironically, all the default Sonic characters are found here.

This level is a tough one, the local enemies are tough and the music is hypnotic. You have the chance to grab the large Tails, Rick the Hamster, Olimar and Knuckles trophies. Close to the end of the level, there is cutscene showing the party coming across the Sonic trophy(although because it's nighttime in Vectorman's world at the moment, it's a trophy of Sonic the Werehog). Before you can get to it, you're ambushed by Petey Piranha. Defeat and Sonic is saved.

Vectorman is hesitant to join your party at first(fearing how bad things will get in his world in his absence), but eventually he joins because he fears what will happen to his world if Tabuu isn't stopped.

Our World


so beautiful

Your last destination is our world(shown in the game as the world of Miis). After landing on Earth, you meet up with a Mii named Shigeru Miiyamoto.

This level has no native enemies so it goes by relatively quick. You can grab the Roy, Snake, Rayman, Pit and Falco trophies here.

The level ends with you finding and reviving Daisy. The End?

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