Little Mac is the playable protagonist in the NES and Wii versions of Punch-Out!!. Little Mac is known by fans for his jumping uppercut called the "Star Punch", so called because stars are needed to use it, which has a greater deal of strength than the normal punches. It may knock out his opponents depending on how much energy they have left.

He is supposedly 17 years old, 4'8" (5'7" in the Wii version of Punch-Out!!), 107 lb (49 kg), and hailing from the Bronx, New York. He is interested in getting into the World Video Boxing Association, which has a long history of rookie boxers joining the ranks in an effort to become world champions. He traveled to New York City in hopes of searching for someone that could train him. He met 200 different trainers and was rejected 200 times. It was not until he met Jerome "Doc" Louis, who was a former heavyweight champion in his own right, then he began his journey to the top of the World Circuit. Doc gives Little Mac advice between rounds in each game.

Super Smash Sisters

Little Mac is a unplayable boxer in Super Smash Sisters. Unlike the other Punch-Out!! boxers seen in the SSS series, Little Mac is voiced only by Hisao Egawa like he was in SSB:Brawl. He uses his boxing skills and his star punch to fight his enemies. He also gains his Giga Mac ability to use for his final smash.

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