This is a list of all characters in Super Smash Bros. Duel. This page may be updated VERY often, but whatever. Shut up & read.

Default characters:

  • Mario - His Final Smash is now Boo Mario. Wario, Foreman Spike, Fire Mario & Bee Mario are alt. costumes.
  • King K. Rool - He replaces DK, who wants a break. I WILL NOT SCRAP HIM JUST BECAUSE HE'S UGLY!!! Belly slams, Kremlings, bites: his attacks.
  • Link - Unchanged. Dark Link is an alt. costume.
  • Samus/Zero Suit Samus - Samus unchanged. ZSS' Final Smash restores her damage, thus making it like Super Metroid's Crystal Flash. For Samus, the Fusion Suit, NES suit in missile mode, Gravity Suit, Varia Suit in Metroid Fusion, Dark Suit, Light Suit, Basic Suit in Super Metroid & Dark Samus are alt. costumes. For ZSS, the endings for Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes & Metroid Fusion are alt. costumes.
  • Kirby - Unchanged. Keeby/Beam Kirby, Plasma Kirby, Ice Kirby & Fire Kirby are alt. costumes.
  • Fox - Unchanged. Falco, Slippy & Wolf/Peppy are alt. costumes.
  • Pikachu - Unchanged. He has Pichu's blue costume from Melee, so yes, Picbu has evolved into this Pikachu.
  • Zelda/Sheik - Zelda's speed has been made slightly faster. Zelda has her appearances in The Legend of Zelda/Zelda II: The Adventure of Link & A Link to the Past as alt. costumes. Both have their Melee/Ocarina of Time appearances as alt. costumes.
  • Pit - Unchanged. Palutena as an alt. costume.
  • Ike - Unchanged.
  • Peach - Her Final Smash has been tweaked a bit. It enlargens her dress causing her side B to be stronger. Daisy, Nurse Toadstool, Pauline & the caddies in NES Open Tournament Golf are alt. costumes.

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