This is a list of trophies found in Super Smash Sisters.

Fire Emblem


BurianBurian is the grandson of Langobalt, son of Danan, half-nephew of Lex and elder brother of Johan and Johalva. He fights for family honor unlike his father and grandfather. In the last Holy War, he fights Celice's forces to end the curse that plagued the house of Dozel and Celice's life as well. Celice defeats him and Burian comments on how Swanchika was beaten with his last breaths.


GaleGalle is the lover of Miledy and a rider for Bern though he is not from the country itself. Despite being an enemy, he is neutral. He had taught Zeiss how to fight in wyvern riding combat. As far as skill was concerned, Galle was technically supposed to be the third Dragon General of Bern, as opposed to Nacien. However, the latter put forth the complaint that Galle was not even a native of Bern and effectively swiped the position for himself. Galle is not bitter about this, however, and continues to serve Zephiel faithfully. While Nacien was alive he served as Murdock's lieutenant. He later becomes the third Dragon General after Nacien is dishonorably demoted and killed. Galle appears with a squad of Wyvern Riders to aid his fellow Dragon General Murdock. He will either kill or leave never to be seen again.


337px-Fepr-gatrieGatrie is an original member of the Greil Mercenaries. He is good friends with Shinon and has high respect for Greil. After his master's death, he and Shinon leave when Ike becomes leader. After an encounter on a Begnion ship, Gatrie rejoins and brings along Astrid.


423px-Ferd-geoffreyGeoffrey is the young brother of Lucia and second in command of the Crimean Royal Knights. He is the best friend of Bastian and is also a milk sibling of Elincia. He and the others planned a victory feast to celebrate Elincia. Then, Rikard and his men charge the fort Geoffrey was stationed at. Geoffrey insisted retreat while he held off the enemy. In part of 2 of FE: Radiant Dawn he leads the charge on Castle Felirae but Ludveck had already left. Later on, Geoffrey and other knights rescue a village from Roark's forces. Then after the final battle, Geoffrey will either serve his queen and country for all his days or marry the queen.

Linus Reed

LinusLinus Reed was the "Mad Dog of the Black Fang group.

Not much is known of his childhood, though what is known is that, when his father, Brendan Reed, formed and became head of the Black Fang, an assassin guild situated in Bern, he and his brother, the White Wolf Lloyd, quickly flew through the ranks and became one of the legendary Four Fangs. Despite being skilled, he is also rash and impulsive, tending to misjudge his opponents before charging into battle. Because of this, he and Lloyd were nearly inseparable as the latter usually watched over the former. He and Lloyd were quickly joined by the valkyrie, Ursula, who is cold and ruthless, and the assassin, Jerme, who was obsessed with his craft. Later, when Nergal and Sonia began to take ahold of the Black Fang, Jerme was replaced with Jaffar. Shortly after Nergal is gravely wounded by Lord Elbert of Pherae, he orders Sonia to bring together the Four Fangs to hunt down the Lycia lords. She complies, but, after she gives her orders, Linus, Lloyd, and Ursula remain suspicious of the sage. Nevertheless, they carry out their orders.

If the total level of the lords is above 50, then Linus will confront them in a town in Bern. Accusing them of their crimes, he summons a contingent of Black Fang assassins and engages the lords inside the town. After a brief but intense skirmish, Linus is defeated by the lords, but finally hears them out and learns that they are good-natured and not what Sonia had depicted them as. Before he could relay this information to Lloyd, though, he is confronted by the morph Limstella and killed.

If the total level of the lords is below 50, then Lloyd will have confronted the lords in a foggy valley and be killed by Limstella after being spared by the lords. Linus, after encountering the body of his slain brother, goes into a bloodthirsty rage and swears vengeance on the lords and their companions. He is later seen guarding the Bern shrine, attempting to kill any of the lords or their companions, including his beloved step-sister Nino and former acquaintance Legault. He is killed after the struggle.

Regardless of whether he is killed in the town or in the shrine, he is resurrected as a morph by Nergal along with, his father, his brother, Uhai, Kenneth, Jerme, Darin, and Ursula.

Lloyd Reed

LloydLloyd Red was the "White Wolf" of the Black Fang. He is Brendan's eldest son.

Not much is known of the swordmaster, though it is hypothesized that, when his father, Brendan Reed, formed the Black Fang, he was taught the craft of the sword and eventually became a skilled swordman. Along with his brother, the Mad Dog Linus, he became one of the legendary Four Fangs. Later, the valkyrie Ursula and the assassin Jerme joined them, though Jerme was soon replaced by Nergal's assassin, Jaffar. Sometime after Nergal gets wounded, he sends his morph, the seductive Sonia, to order Brendan to order the Black Fang's Four Fangs to slay Eliwood, Hector, and their companions. Sonia easily convinces the leader to issue his orders, though three of the four fangs, Linus, Ursula, and himself, are suspicious. Despite this, they are forced to comply with their orders.

Should the total level of the three lords, Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn, total higher than 50, they will arrive in a town in Bern. Shortly after, Linus and himself trail after him. Lloyd gives Linus explicit instructions not to confront the lords, though, impatient and impulsive as he is, Linus attacks the lords. Shortly after the skirmish, Lloyd finds his brother killed, and vows vengeance on the lords. Lloyd will then be seen guarding the shrine of Bern, confronting the lords only with the notion of either avenging his brother or dying and joining him.

Should the total level of the three lords be under 50, Lloyd and Linus will encounter the lords in a foggy valley in Bern. Lloyd fights the lords alone and is eventually bested after a fiery skirmish, though is spared by the three. He, in turn, spares them, though after departing, he is confronted by Limstella, one of Nergal's morphs. The morph quickly drains the quintessence of the swordmaster, killing him instantly. Linus later finds his body and swears vengeance on the lords.


MarajMaraj is the young retainer of Ludveck. After Lucia's meeting with Ludveck and discovering of a planned mutiny, Maraj is sent with a task force to eliminate her. Maraj and his wind magic were no match for the cunning swordswoman.


NarshenNacien is one of the Three Dragon Generals of Bern and an extremely ambitious officer. He was entrusted with the invasion of Lycia and his lieutenant is Flaer. He is responsible for many actions during Roy's journey through Lycia and the Western Isles. He is a very narcissistic person, has a tendency to bear grudges, and will not hesitate to let his underlings die for him so that he can live. Leygance was killed and Nacien tried to get Roy to hand Ostia over but Percival drove him off. Eventually, due to his constant failings, Zephiel demotes him, replacing him with Galle. He is given one last chance to redeem himself in the defense of Etruria's palace, but he fails and is killed during the battle.


NorrisNorris is a Daein sniper. He wanted to go after Elincia but the Black Knight objected to that. After much guessing from civilians, he enslaves the people while he takes off. Fiding Ike on a Begnion ship, he gets into a big argument with Naesala and demanded more Kilvas ravens but in the end, ends up regretting it, with his life.


ValtomeValtome was Duke of Culbert and a high-ranking member of the Begnion Senate serving during the events of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Senator Valtome was given command of the Begnion Central Army in the stead of General Zelgius sometime after the beginning of the war between the Begnion Empire and the Laguz Alliance by order of the Begnion Senate. At this time, the Apostle Sanaki and Chancellor Sephiran have already been dethroned and imprisoned, respectively, and are powerless to halt this action.

His weapon of choice is the twisted light magic Valaura, which he has presumably named after himself, and which poisons anyone unfortunate enough to come under its glare on contact.

Acting as Duke Culbert, he sends his personal army after both the Crimean forces and the Laguz Alliance in Chapter 3-10.

Valtome was greedy, arrogant, and had a strange reoccurring laugh, transcribed as 'uwee hee hee!', and he claims to be 'divinity itself' upon engaging party members in battle. He was, however, shown to be a coward when he runs from the combined forces of the Greil Mercenaries and the Crimean Royal Knights.


Bright Noa

Char003Bright Noa is the captain of White Base then later the Argama, the Nahel Argama and Ra Cailum. He is known to give big punishments such as slapping Amuro for disobeying launching orders.

During the One-Year War, Bright Noa serves on the White Base as the commanding officer. When Char Aznable attacks Side 7after discovering the secret V Project, all the original officers on the White Base are incapacitated, leaving Bright, who is then an officer candidate, with the highest seniority on the ship, and he assumes command from the wounded Captain Paolo Cassius.

The Federation's major perceived value for the White Base turns out to be the Zeon's obsessive attraction to it. The ship becomes a major decoy in Federation operations. Bright remains captain of the White Base throughout these events in Mobile Suit Gundam, participating in the major operations in The One Year War, including the last stand of Zeon at asteroid A Baoa Qu.

After the war, Bright marries White Base pilot Mirai Yashima, and they have two children together, Cheimin and Hathaway.

After the One Year War, Bright, like most of his comrades aboard White Base, was alienated by the High Command of the Earth Federation Space Forces. He was assigned to captain the shuttle spacecraft Temptation, whose primary missions were to escort Federation high-ranking officials, and was even beaten up by Bask Om himself when he objected to a set of orders coming from him.

Bright defected to the AEUG to aid their struggle against the Titans. Considering his veteran experience in mobile suit warfare as the captain of White Base during the One Year War, AEUG commissioned Bright as captain of the flagship of AEUG space fleet, the assault space carrier Argama.

Bright Noa worked together with his former adversary, Char Aznable and later they form the core military leadership of AEUG. Several highlights of Bright's tour of duty above Argama are the attack on Federation Headquarters at Jaburo and Kilimanjaro, Operation Maelstrom, and the final three-way battle between the fleet of AEUG, Titans, and Axis Zeon near the Gryps Two space colony. After the climatic battle at Gryps Two, the AEUG fleet was left crippled and Bright was the sole experienced military commander within the ranks of AEUG leaders.

He continued to command the Argama during ZZ Gundam. After the Axis Zeon was defeated, AEUG forces were integrated back with the Earth Federation, and Bright was re-instated as an officer of the Earth Federation with the rank of Captain.

He was later made the commanding offficer of Londo Bell Task Force, as seen in the movie Char's Counterattack. He was rejoined by his former subordinate Amuro Ray. They played critical roles during the events in Char's Counterattack when they encountered and fought Char Aznable's Neo Zeon rising faction for the last time.

Bright Noa would later appear in Gundam Unicorn and he is still the commanding officer of the Londo Bell corps and is stationed somewhere in a base in Ronan,South America.

In the novel Hathaway's Flash which tells the events after Char's Counterattack, Bright ends up in a position that no father should ever be forced into: As an officer of the Earth Federation military, he condemns Hathaway to death after Hathaway's capture as leader of the anti-Federation terrorist group Mafty. Apparently, Bright didn't know who the Mafty leader really was until the time of his execution, when he was completely unable to do anything to stop it; whether this was an unfortunate coincidence or the doing of his fellow commanders, it's not currently known.

This incident triggers Bright's definitive retirement from the military. After witnessing the execution and spending a long time in a heavy depression, Bright finally regains his spirits enough to open a small restaurant with his remaining relatives, Mirai and Cheimin.

Buran Blutarch

Trp02A test pilot assigned to the Earth Federations Oakland Newtype Lab. When the AEUG and their Karaba allies escape from the Federation's Jaburo base aboard a pair of stolen transport planes, Buran lads his mobile suit squadron in pursuit of the rebels, repeatedly thwarting their attempt to return to space. Using the recaptured transport plane Sudori as his base of operations, Buran begins calling in other Newtype Labs to join the international chase.He is killed by Amuro as he pierces his mobile suit's sword through his Asshimar blowing the Asshimar and Buran to pieces.


CrownCrown is a Zaku pilot for the evil Zeon empire. He and Char Aznable attacked the federation ship White Base in his Zaku II when it was attempting to enter the earth's atmosphere. His battle with the RX-78-2 Gundam lasted too long and was pulled in by earth's gravity and incinerated along with his Zaku by the frictional heat from entering the atmosphere.

Hathaway Noa

Char004Hathaway Noa was born in the year UC 0080, to Bright Noa and Mirai Yashima. He makes his first animated appearance along with his mother and his sister Cheimin Noa in the anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, while his father was in space. Due to his father's military service, he was absent for large periods of Hathaway's life.

Hathaway and his sister have a very minor role in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. They show up only briefly during the first time the series shifts towards Earth, along with their mother Mirai.

In Char's Counterattack, Hathaway escapes the doomed earth in a space shuttle. His shuttle is caught in a Neo Zeon battle, but Bright Noa rescues him. Hathaway becomes an unofficial member of Londo Bell and tries to assist tactically. In the final battle to stop Axis from colliding with earth he makes an attempt to persuade Quess Paraya to stop fighting by launching in a Jegan. Quess had already lost her mind and does not listen to his words of reason. Chan Agi, Amuro's girlfriend, launches in the RE-Gundam Zeta and saves Hathaway's life, destroying Quess in the process. Hathaway is not grateful, and he's infuriated over Quess' death. He attacks Chan's mobile suit. She does not fight back, and is killed. Hathaway is one of the few surviving characters at the end of CCA.

The novelization Beltorchika's Children, which was written by director Yoshiyuki Tomino, features several differences. One of the biggest ones for Hathaway is that instead of Chan killing Quess, it is Hathaway who does so accidentally.

The novel Hathaway's Flash is a sequel to the novel version of Char's Counterattack. Set 12 years after those events, Hathaway is now the leader of the anti-Federation group Mafty, and operates under the alias Mafty Navue Erin. Despite piloting a powerful new Gundam, he is eventually captured and sentenced to death by Bright, who does not realize that he is his own son.

Johnny Ridden

JohnnyJohnny Ridden was a Zeon pilot who fought in the One Year War. He was born at Side 3 in Universal Century 0056, and a descendant of Australian settlers. He lived well since he was the son of a politician. Ridden enlisted in the Zeon military and underwent basic training in UC 0078, just months before the outbreak of the war.

Ridden was assigned to the Mobile Assault Forces under Kycilia Zabi and made a name for himself in the Battle of Loum on January 15, 0079. Ridden destroyed three Salamis-class warships before an order to retreat was issued, and it was widely believed he would have rivaled Char Aznable's equally impressive mark of five had he remained on the battlefield longer. Johnny Ridden was then given a special two rank promotion to Lieutenant, since his previous rank was Ensign. Due to his exploits, and preferred color scheme of red and black, he was nicknamed 'Crimson Lightning'. Ridden scored most of his kills during the war with his customized MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type. The unicorn emblazoned on the Zaku's elbow was a tribute to Kycilia, and it symbolized his feelings for her, as the legend of the creature stated that it only opened its heart to a pure-minded woman. Shortly before being assigned to the Chimera Corps, Ridden is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is given perhaps his most famous and trademark mobile suit, the MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type, of which he and only three other pilots have.

Even though he is assigned one of the first Gelgoogs, Ridden questions whether the new mobile suit design is enough to change the fate of Zeon. He is one of the few aware that the Zeon forces are short on experienced pilots.

In October, Ridden was assigned to the elite Chimera Corps and upgraded to the MS-14S Gelgoog prototype. At the Battle of A Baoa Qu on December 31, 0079, Ridden was overwhelmed by the Earth Federation's onslaught. With time running out for the beleaguered base, he fought desperately to protect Kycilia's escape via a Zanzibar warship, unaware that she had already been assassinated by Aznable. Ridden was officially listed as missing in action following the battle, but was assumed dead and promoted posthumously. (In the last cutscene of the Ridden Ace mode in Encounters in Space, it shows a floating crimson Gelgoog head.) It has been recorded that after his final battle, he shot down a staggering one hundred eighty-five enemies in all, for the entire war. It was said that Johnny Ridden was so feared at the battle of A Baoa Qu that a full rank promotion was offered to anyone who was able to shoot the ace down.

Ridden was thought to have survived A Baoa Qu, in Gundam Evolve 9, one of the three MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam units that appeared (Red Zeta) was designed to be piloted by Johnny Ridden, but since Johnny is missing, it was instead piloted by Yurii Ajissah. Another of those Zeta units was hinted at being piloted by Shin Matsunaga under the code-name Grey Wolf.

Ridden was later confirmed as survivor of the Battle of A Baoa Qu. According to the Japanese manga 『MSV戦記 ジョニー・ライデン』"Mobile suit Gundam - MSV Chronicle "Johnny Ridden" by Yuichi Hasegawa (長谷川裕一), Ridden survived through the fierce battle of A Baoa Qu although his MS-14B High Mobility Gelgoog was badly damaged by the Full Armor Gundam's overwhelming firepower. With the aid of the comrade, he reached Dolos -"the Mobile Suit Carrier" and ride on his MS-06 R2 High Mobility zaku again, which was modified by a mechanic maniac and was called the "Full Bullet Zaku". He then successfully destroyed the FA-78-1 and leave the battlefield after knowing the fact that Kycilia Zabi couldn't make it. (He didn't know that she was assassinated by Char Aznable.) After the end of the One Year war, between UC 0080-0082, Johnny Ridden devoted his time into the after-war reconstruction of the Earth using the name "Johnny Depp "(ジョニー・デップ). In order to stop the ambition of Dr.Q, being invited by Shin Matsunaga , Ridden got on his Zaku and fight again. After defeated Dr. Q, Johnny Ridden returned to Side 3 and live happily with his new lover. (The reason why he joined as a test pilot of one of the three Zeta Gundams featured in the 9th Gundam Evolve short later in 0087 has not been mentioned).

Kacricon Cacooler

Kacricon 0087Kacricon Cacooler is a fictional character from the Zeta Gundam series. He is a minor enemy given orders to destroy the Gundam Mk-II. A close friend of Jerid Messa. He met his end at the hands of Kamille Bidan, attempting to shoot him down during their descent to Earth. The atmospheric shielding device on Kacricon's mobile suit opened automatically, making him vulnerable. Kamille's Gundam Mk-II knocks into Kacricon's suit, destroying the atmospheric device. Kacricon perishes in the atmosphere. His last words were "Amelia.", the name of his supposed lover. Just like Lila, an enraged Jerid attempts to avenge the his death as well.

Mikhail Kaminsky

Mikhail 0080Mikhail Kaminsky was a Zeon pilot in the One Year War. He was Russian serving the Zeon Cyclops team. During Operation Rubicon, Mikhail is used as a decoy as he flies his Kampfer across Libot so that Cyclops Team can divert attention from the Earth Federation's Libot base and steal/destroy Gundam Alex pending the outcome of their actions. Once Operation Rubicon fails, Mikhail is left to face off with Gundam Alex RX-78 NT-1, piloted by Christina Mackenzie. Thinking that he already finished off the Gundam Alex with his chainbomb attack, Mikhail was shocked to see that the Gundam merely lost its exterior chobham armor (and part of the V-fin) from the explosion. Mikhail then attempted to engage the Gundam in melee combat, but was killed by the Gundam's hidden arm-mounted gatling cannon.

Sailor Moon

Dream Dolly

Dream DollyDream Dolly is a Negaverse Monster given orders from Jedite to rob humans of their energy. She disguises herself as the mascot of the Park Dreamland: Dream Princess. Serena appeared nice to her at first but after a big discovery, Sailor Moon knows what's happening. After a tough fight, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars combine their powers and shut the monster down.


UpasoconUpasocon is a Daimon Heart Snatcher made from a computer. Mimet sends her steal the pure heart of a Russian scientist named Sergei Ajama. Before she could do it, Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts arrive to stop her. After a daring fight, Sailor Moon defeats her with the Rainbow Moon Heart Ache attack.

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