This is the list of helper characters in Super Smash Sisters. Unlike Super Smash Bros., players can have their helper watch in the background. They can only have one helper at a time.

Doc Louis

Doc Louis from Punch-Out!!. When summoned he sits in a stool and gives the summoner helpful advice and can expose weaknesses.

Tips from Doc Louis

  • "Can you believe this? This little hedgehog need to use a weapon to take you down! Wait for her to get dizzy and lay in a poundin'!" (When fighting Amy)
  • "Woah man! Mist is one good healer. You gotta stop her by one second or you're done for!" (When fighting Mist)
  • "Hey kid! Mina's a good archer against you. Watch for the direction she fires!" (When fighting Mina Majikina)
  • "Look kid! Haman's sending little bits after you to track you. Try to stay out their line of fire!" (When fighting Haman Karn)
  • "Listen kid! Adeleine is a great painter and can bring her paintings to life. Only focus on her!" (When fighting Adeleine)
  • "Listen up baby! Leona's hands are sharp as knives and don't give out ordinary whacks. Find a weakness and break her hands baby!" (When fighting Leona)


Fei-Long from Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers. When summoned he can use attacks like the Shien Kyaku on your foes.

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