Lethe (レテ, Rete) is a beast tribe laguz from the cat clan in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Fierce and agile, she initially had a deep rooted hatred for all beorc, but after fighting alongside Ike during The Mad King's War, she has since learned to let go of her feelings and has formed many friendships because of it. She is the leader of a small platoon of Gallian soldiers.

In Path of Radiance, if Lethe and Ranulf have an A in Support Conversations, Ranulf offers Lethe the opportunity to return to Gallia, and leave Ike and the Crimean Army behind. Lethe declines this offer and she and Ranulf agree that with the Crimean Army they will defeat Ashnard.

She has a younger twin sister named Lyre, and despite their arguments, Lethe's only desire is Lyre's protection. Lethe will always try to protect Lyre, even if it means having to be mean to her.

Lethe appears as a boss in the Radiant Dawn chapter, A reason to fight, but the player will not be required to fight nor defeat Lethe in order to advance.

Lethe later became captain in Gallia's home guard, and pounded battle skills and fighting pride into young warriors.

Super Smash Sisters

Lethe is a playable laguz girl in SSS. She can use punches and kicks while in human form and can punce at her enemies in cat form. She showed her affections for her sister Lyre.

To Unlock

  • Win as Mist 8 times
  • 215 Matches

After one of the first 2, she will challenge you then you must win.

  • Recruit her in New Order

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