Lee is a master of Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts, the latter of which is dubbed as "a gentle yet destructive" art. His adoptive father and mentor, Lee Gakusuo, passed on his pharmaceutic knowledge and martial arts to him before instructing Lee to finish his studies in South Town. Once he arrived there, Lee became fascinated with the local style of Kenpo and neglected his roots to be a street fighter. He pursues his wishes to be a pharmacist in the following game. In his ending to AOF2, Lee would humorously become famous for finding the cure to hemorrhoids.

His adoptive father considers himself to be a good acquaintance and sparring partner of Takuma. When Gakusuo was 93, he clashed with the younger Takuma bare handed and became responsible for the X-shaped scar on his chest. This is briefly touched upon in Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate's ending for SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos where Takuma fondly chats with Lee.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Lee Pai Long like being a single player NPC in Art of Fighting, comes to Super Smash Sisters as an NPC. He uses his kung-fu moves from his Art of Fighting appearances and can sometimes use his claws normally.

Meryl's Codec Message

  • Meryl:Dr. Naomi, I'm seeing this guy here wearing a monkey mask and Chinese robes.
  • Dr. Naomi:His name's Lee Pai Long.
  • Meryl:That's an old name, wasn't it?
  • Dr. Naomi:Lee is both a doctor and a martial artist. He went to the American city of South Town to complete his medical styles thanks to the advice of one Lee Gakusuo.
  • Meryl:Guns are always a match for kung-
  • Dr. Naomi:Wait a minute, Meryl, Lee's got claws under his sleeves to improve his kung-fu. In other words, he'll fly like and eagle and slice you down.
  • Meryl:Wish me luck, doctor.

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