Knuckles The Echidna

Attack: 5/5

Speed: 3/5

Attack Speed: 2/5

Jump: 3/5

Air speed: 2/5

Reach: 3/5

Gravity: 3/5

Weight: 4/5

Traction: 1/5

Height: 3/5

COSTUMES Knuckles changes his the tint of his body. His shoes and wristbands change colour though.

(Default) Red






ENTRANCE Digs up from underground


Up: Pulls out a Master Emerald piece and inspects it.  &nbsp  

Side: Cracks his knuckles and says "Want a piece of this?"  

Down: Punches the air and says "Don't get in my way"!


Knuckles punches twice with his fists and says "That felt good".

Knuckles lifts his arms up and says "Heh heh heh, how's that"?

Knuckles turns around and says "Is that your best?"

WII REMOTE CHOICE Shouts "You ready?!"

ABILITIES Gliding- knuckles can glide indefinitely and even turn around and change direction and still glide

Wall Cling/Climbing- when knuckles perfoms a forward aerial attack at a wall he'll stick to it and can climb up and down the wall indefinitely


A: Punch  

A,A: Punch then another punch with the other arm.

A, A, A: punch then another punch followed by an uppercut.

Dash attack: Knuckles pushes his fists foward in a pushing motion.


Up: Knuckles holds his fist then slams it upwards.

Foward: Knuckles dives in with his pointed foward.

Down: Knuckles trips with opponent with a punch sweep.

SMASHES Up: Knuckles holds his fists down then slams them up in a swinging motion.

Forward: Knuckles holds back his fists then does a one gaint punch this has knockback compared to Bowser.    Down: Knuckles charges then slams his fists downward.


OtherLedge Attack: Knuckles punches foward while holding the edge.

100% Ledge Attack: Knuckles slams his head foward.

Floor Attack: Knuckles punches foward then back.


Neutral A: Knuckles spins around with his fists outwards.

Forward A: Knuckles does a small gliding punch

Up A: Knuckles punches upwards with both of his fists.

Down A: Knuckles rotates his body to punch the opponent

Back A: Knuckles slams his fists down this also a Meteor Smash.


Grab: Grabs with one fist

Grab + A: Punches the opponent in the face

Side Throw: throws the opponent

Up Throw: throws then grabs again and swings upwards  

Down Throw: Throws down then slams his fists on top of them.

Back Throw: Throws back then punches them


B: Flaming Knuckles: A right jab, followed by a left jab, finished with a punch to the ground The first 2 punches covers the respective fists in flames and the final move Knuckles' entire body. Quite a powerful attack, but Explosive Crates can easily ruin the fun of it (not for the opponents). When he hits the ground he creates a small firey shockwave. It is basically the same as his level one 3 combo move from sonic heroes

Side B: fire dunk- like bowsers flying slam except it has more grabbing range and the opponent hits the ground covered in fire.

Up B: flaming uppercut. Knuckles spins straight upward with his fist extended forward. Works like luigi's super jump punch

Down Special Move:Dig Description: This similar in effect to Meta Knight's Dimensional Cape. Knuckles digs into the ground, and pops back up attacking opponents as he surfaces. You can use the control sick or D-pad to determine where he'll pop up. The coolest thing about this move is that it can sometimes unearth items (no Smash Balls, Dragoon Parts pokeballs or Assist Trophies

Final Smash: Chaos: Knuckles breaks the Master Emerald, releasing Chaos. Like most assist trophies, he runs and jumps around, using various moves based on those from Sonic Battle. Knuckles has no control over Chaos, but is able to fight along Chaos. After a set amount of time, the Master Emerald shards reassemble around Chaos and returns as whole to Knuckles

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