King K.Rool

Attack: 4/5

Speed: 2/5

Attack Speed: 3/5

Jump: 3/5

Reach: 3/5

Gravity: 3/5

Weight: 5/5

Traction: 2/5

Height: 4/5

Costumes King K.Rool changes the tint of his scales and his cape

(Default) Green (red cape)

Red (green cape)

Blue (purple cape)

Yellow (blue cape)

Black (crimson red cape)


King K. Rool appears on the battlefield on his Jet Barrel.


Up: King K. Rool shadow boxes

Left/Right: King K.Rool does a Boxing Stance

Down: King K.Rool laughs evily



A: Boxing Jab

AA: Boxing Jab

AAA: Boxing Hook

A> Right Cross

Smash A>: The Straight Right

A^: Boxing Uppercut

Smash A^: Downward Punch Smash

Av: Low Jab

Smash Av: Spinning Punch

Running A: Charge Punch


A: Kremling Kick

A^: Aerial Skull

A>: Overhand Smash

Av: Mid-air Stomp

A<: Back Bomber


B: Crown Throw - King K.Rool throws his crown at enemies and comes back like Link's Boomarang

B> :Cannon - King K.Rool shoots a cannonball at enemies with his gun.

B^: Barrel Blast - King K.Rool get in a barrel cannon that 180 degrees on a horizontal plane. Press the jump button to fire. Will fire automatically after 3 seconds. Rotates as fast as k.rool runs

Bv: Ground Pound - Like Bowser's Down B K rool will slam into the stage to either side of him energy waves will shoot out from the impact jump over them if you don't want to get pushed away and damaged.


Z: Grab

Z+A: Punch

Z^: Uppercut Throw

Z>: Jab Throw

Zv: K.Rool Stomp

Z<: Reverse Throw

Final Smash

"Blast O Matic"

King K.Rool goes off stage then charges his Blast O Matic and fires it on the beam at enemies in its crosshair. You only have three shots so make sure they hit their marks.

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