Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of King K. Rool solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see King K. Rool.


Donkey Kong's arch nemesis is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

How to Unlock

  • Play 720 standard matches
  • Clear Classic mode at least once with all Kongs

Note:You must defeat King K. Rool in a standard match after 1 of the above requirements is met in order to unlock him.

  • Get King K. Rool to join your party in "Tabuu's Revenge:Space-Time Chaos" (to do this, defeat False King K. Rool, King K. Rool appears afterward)

Weight Category:Heavyweight


  • Faster than Donkey Kong, despite the fact that he's heavier
  • Can Crawl

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Crown

Description:This is similar to the Boomerang move Link had in SSB64.

  • Side Special Move:Kremling Toss

Description:Similar to King Dedede's Waddle Dee Toss except that King K. Rool throws Kremlings, Kremlings in barrels(some in TNT barrels that explode on contact) and Klaptraps.

  • Up Special Move:Super K. Rool Jump

Description:Similar to King Dedede's Super Dedede Jump.

  • Down Special Move:Uppercut
  • Final Smash:Kremling Army

Description:Similar to King Dedede's Waddle Dee Army but uses Kremlings, Kremlings in barrels(some in TNT barrels that explode on contact) and Klaptraps.

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"What is that? A Godzilla wannabe?"

Colonel:"That's King K. Rool, King of all Kremlings and Donkey Kong's arch nemesis."

Snake:"Well, whoever or whatever he is, he's surprisingly fast."

Colonel:"Yes, and he can summon other Kremlings and throw his crown like a boomerang. In addition, he also has incredible strength."

Snake:"He really lives up to his name, doesn't he?"

Colonel:"Watch yourself, Snake."

Fighting against King K. Rool

If you try and fight K. Rool from a distance, you will allow him full use of his Crown and Kremling Toss attacks. Get in close and keep up a steady barrage of standard attacks. Wait until he's vulnerable, and smash him up.

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