Jolt image
Character Information
Universe Pokémon
Species Jolteon
Debut Super Smash Bros Revolution
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Jolt is a Jolteon that was hit by psybeam just like Too Wartortle and Toon Charmander and turned into a half toon she is the only one out of 3 others that are half tooned. but it is also hard to capture her, and it is unlocked by beating Lucario and Gary Oak with Toon Wartortle and Pikachu and Toon Charmander.


A Jolteon as a evolution from Eevee with a thunder stone, this pokemon was once an Eevee.


It's involved in the game by pokemon.


The way you can defeat Jolt is by using rock or fire characters.



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