John Crawley was a captain in the navy and a martial arts instructor that was known as the "Mad dog" and the "Killing Machine". During a mission he was shot on his back, but was eventually saved by Mr. Big. John retired the navy and eventually joined Mr. Big's syndicate.When the final battle was over, Crawley left.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Crawley appears in SSS as a non-playable character. When Mr. Big was defeated, Crawley was left wandering Southtown until he was designated to help the Smash Sisters. John can use his military skills and his Mega smash attack. He will not hesitate to kill a woman if he has to.


Meryl's Codec Message

  • Meryl:Natasha, do you know that blonde with green clothing and sunglasses?
  • Natasha:Da, he's John Crawley.
  • Meryl:I thought they're weren't other military men like Snake fighting in Smash competitions, but...
  • Natasha:Crawley used to be in the U.S. Navy and was called "Mad Dog" and "The Killing Machine", until he was shot in the back. Mr. Big saved him and gave him a job.
  • Meryl:Mmmhmm, what does he fight with?
  • Natasha:He fights with the ability to channel energy into his hands, and with it, he can shoot the Mega Smash at his foes.
  • Meryl:Sure beats using guns for this guy.
  • Natasha:Don't be disavowed like he was, Meryl.

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