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Jimmy is a pokémon trainer from New Bark Town in Johto that is based off of Gold the main male hero from the Generation II Pokémon games. Now he is here to battle his way through the Subspace Army with the aid of Typhlosion, Bayleef and Totodile!


Jimmy takes on the design that Gold is using in Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold.

Special Abilities

Jimmy has no special abilities.

Special Moves

  • Down Special Move: Pokémon Change

Description: Jimmy will switch his current pokémon out for another one.

  • Final Smash: Triple Finish

Description: Just like Pokémon Trainer before him, Jimmy uses Triple Finish as his Final Smash that is the combination of Hydro Pump, Solarbeam, and Fire Blast.



  • Nuetral Special Move: Water Gun

Description: Totodile will exhale a stream of water from his mouth at his foe.

  • Side Special Move: Iron Tail

Description: Totodile will flip at his foes and whack them with his tail that is glowing and becomes hard as steel.

  • Up Special Move: Water Pulse

Description: Totodile will generate water in his stomach then unleash a stream of water from his mouth. This move can be charged to do extra damage.


  • Nuetral Special Move: Body Slam

Description: Bayleef will ram at his foe that will have enough force to take away a foe when it hits.

  • Side Special Move: Razor Leaf

Description: Bayleef will launch razor leaves from his neck straight at its foe.

  • Up Special Move: Seed Bomb

Description: Bayleef will shoot a seed from his mouth at the foe which will create a explosion when it hits the foe or any object.


  • Nuetral Special Move: Flamethrower

Description: Typhlosion will breath out a stream of flames from his mouth at a foe but if this move is used for too long, it will die out and become useless then has to be recharged for a few seconds.

  • Side Special Move: Flame Wheel

Description: Typhlosion will engulf himself in flames and roll off at his foes in a ball of flames. He can be controlled while in this form.

  • Up Special Move: Quick Attack

Description: Typhlosion will lunge into the air with great speed. He can also be lunged in different directions too.

Role in Subspace Chronicles

Jimmy first appears in the adventure mode of Subspace Chronicles, Subspace Chronicles, he appears in the Abandoned City with only Totodile and ends up getting saved by Blair after they got attacked by Primids.

After getting through the destroyed highway, Jimmy made it to the ruins with Blair and Totodile where they fought a group of Ghost Primids then he found and caughted Bayleef there.

Soon after getting Bayleef, Jimmy found Typhlosion that seemed to be under a spell and attacked Jimmy and the others so Jimmy and Totodile defeated Typhlosion then caughted him. Shortly after catching Typhlosion, Jimmy went into a huge room with Blair and Typhlosion where Galleom came crashing into and they fought against it. They managed to defeat it but not destroy and Galleom grabbed both of them after Jimmy returned Typhlosion to his pokéball then Galleom went off into the sky after it activated its rockets and revealed it has a subspace bomb in its chest, but Blair managed to blow up Galleom's hand with her Smashing Pumpkin attck and they fell down together.

Luckily for Jimmy and Blair, Tōshirō came and catched both of them from falling to their deaths.

Trophy Description


Jimmy is a pokémon trainer from New Bark Town of the Johto region, he originally had Typhlosion as his starter but during the events of Subspace Chronicles, he borrowed Totodile and Bayleef from Prof. Elm so he can help out in the war against the Subspace Army. Jimmy has the dream to become a pokémon master and a massive crush on his friend Marina.


The Big Jaw Pokémon. Its known for having a habit of biting anything with its developed jaws that includes their trainer.


The Leaf Pokémon that is the evolved form of Chikorita. Its known for the aroma that comes off of its buds on its neck.


The Volcano Pokémon that is the final evolved form of Cyndaquil. It is known for covering its self in flames to attack its foes in a ball of flames.

Triple Finish

Jimmy's Final Smash, its a combination of three powerful moves that are Hydro Pump, Solarbeam, and Fire Blast!

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