Jeorge (ジョルジュ, translated Jorjue in the Japanese versions and George in fan translations) is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. He is considered the best sniper on the continent, and is widely renowned for his peerless marksmanship. During the events of the War of Darkness, he joins the Akaneian League after hearing of Princess Nyna’s alliance with Marth and to offer his own assistance. Out of respect for his prestige and his accomplishments throughout the course of the war he is conferred the honor of wielding the Parthia, one of the three national regalia of Akaneia after it ends.

He can be recruited in Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, Book One of Monshō no Nazo and Shadow Dragon by visiting a village in Chapter Nine with Marth. At the end of the War of Darkness, he assists in his country’s reconstruction and mentors the Altean archer Gordin. During the main events of Monshō no Nazo, he is met as an enemy unit on the battlefield, though he does not seem to view Marth or the Altean army as his enemies. Eventually, he can be persuaded to join after conversing with Gordin in Chapter Eight where he guards the northwestern fort. He, in turn, can later convince Astram to lay down his arms and join Marth’s army in Chapter Sixteen.

According to the released designer’s notes, Jeorge was born to the Menidy family, one of the five powerful noble families ruling under the royal family of Akaneia. Of the five families, Adrias and Samsufe subsequently betrayed the royal family and supported the Doluna empire in its invasion of their homeland during the War of Darkness. The noble family of Lefcandy was caught in the ensuing chaos and was unable to send soldiers to protect Akaneia, while Jeorge’s father Noah and Midia’s father Charon were the only ones who fought back. Unfortunately, they were both killed by the traitors, leaving Jeorge and Midia fatherless. As a member of the Akanian Knights, Jeorge was busy in the Akaneian palace trying to fight off the soldiers of Doluna, though he was ultimately defeated and captured. Later, however, he was able to escape, apparently because of the enemy’s carelessness. After hearing of Marth’s agreement to help Princess Nyna, he waited in a nearby village en route to Pyrathi to meet up with them and thereafter joined the Akaneian League to assist in his country’s liberation. Following the events of the first war, Jeorge dedicated himself to the reconstruction of Akaneia and was later promoted to archer-captain for his service. He also became Gordin’s mentor around this time and taught the inexperienced archer how to improve his mastery of the bow.

In Monsho no Nazo, Jeorge appeared as leader of Akaneia’s archery force, wielding the Parthia. While he was still fiercely devoted to his country, he hated what it had become when Hardin changed. When told by General Lang to return to Olbern Castle (based at Gra), and defend it, he chose to ignore his order, instead telling his men to stay in their positions and only attack if the enemy approached. As a result of his insubordination, the Altean army was able to breach the castle’s defenses with relative ease. Afterward, Jeorge was sent to guard the northwestern fort near the Cashmere Bridge to prevent the approaching Altean army from leaving the country by ship. There, he outright betrayed the empire and joined Marth after hearing Gordin’s plea for help. He vowed to draw his bow against his countrymen in order to return his corrupted kingdom back to its former glory, and accompanied the army to Khadein and then to the Ice Dragon Temple. Upon their return to seize Marth’s homeland Altea from its invaders, Jeorge met Astram inside the fortified castle, who he persuaded to join Marth’s side as well after revealing to him that Nyna had requested Marth’s assistance to stop Hardin by entrusting him with the sacred Fire Emblem once again. When the second war finally ends, he establishes the Akaneian free knights to protect the citizens from roving thieves and bandits, its members including Astram, Midia, Castor, and his former student Gordin.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Jeorge is an NPC sniper in Super Smash Sisters. He helps out in battle using Parthia a bow that was given to Marth in the past. Jeorge can sometimes use more than 1 arrow in his quiver for his bow.

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