Innes (translated Heanius in Japan), the arrogant prince of Frelia, is famed for his immense skill with a bow and his tactical prowess. He is around 18 to 23 years old as in Moulder's and Vanessa's B support conversatian Moulder says "10 years ago, when the prince was just a child". Innes is extremely brash and proud, and harbors an intense, yet semi-friendly rivalry with Ephraim. At heart, however, he is a good and just person. He also tends to be pretty harsh and severe with his sister Tana, whom he wants to spare from the horrors of war; several times he tries to convince her to return to Frelia, but is unsuccessful. She tells him that she is ready for war because she "trained with Syrene and Vanessa, two of Frelia's finest." However it is shown he really only wants to help her in their A support. He is very protective of those he loves. The Pegasus Knight Vanessa has a crush on him. The Sacred bow Nidhog from Frelia is his sacred weapon although he gives it to Erika to use for the good of the entire army. However since he and Neimi are the only archers it is best to give it to whichever one is better.

When Innes was younger, a foreign archer of great renown came to the palace to display his skills. Innes demanded to match his own skills to the foreigner's and they both scored perfect hit after hit, moving the target farther and farther back. Eventually the foreigner became tired and offered to place farther back then Innes could reach for one last shot, the he aimed and just barely made the target. Innes however, simply tilted his bow upward and fired again, an exremely difficult shot to make but he achieved another perfect hit. The foreign archer finally gave up and the prince won the contest.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Innes is a non-playable fighter in SSS. He fights with his bow and can use muay thai when not shooting his bow. He can do a team final smash with his sister Tana.

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