Icicle Mountain Icicle Mountain is a stage in the Ninjai Revolt in the game, Super Smash Bros. Revolution.

At the beginning, the Great Fox and the Halberd are seen battling, shooting blasts one-by-one. At the bottom of a mountain nearby, Marth, Naruto, Leaf, and Lucas look at the battle, while Meta Knight, after looking at this, sees the Ice Climbers climbing the mountain, where Meta Knight jumps on the mountain, also, but passes the Climbers, whereas they follow. They venture the mountain, only to reach the top. When arriving at the top, Meta Knight notices Lucario, whom then notices Meta Knight. Lucario jumps from where he sat, and is ready to fight Meta Knight. The Ice Climbers look at both with a scared look, and the player picks which character to play as in the battle. At the end, Lucario and Meta Knight shake hands, but this is soon interrupted by the Halberd, which has the Great Fox captive, and which the Halberd knocked the Great Fox into the mountain, making the Ice Climbers fall to the bottom (the location of Marth, Naruto, Leaf, and Lucas), while Lucario and Meta Knight climb on the Great Fox, and then onto the Halberd.


Icicle Mountain M - SSBB Mod Showcase03:17

Icicle Mountain M - SSBB Mod Showcase

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