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Ibuki the beautiful ninja from Street Fighter III is in Super Smash Sisters!


Ibuki lives in a village composed entirely of Ninja. She has been trained from childhood, but resents her lot in life.

Ibuki was sent by her clan to procure documents from Gill's organization. These documents concerned the "G-File" project, which was responsible for creating Necro and Twelve. Gill voluntarily gave Ibuki the documents, though the project was already under way by that point.

In 3rd Strike, Ibuki tracks down Oro to fight him for her ninja graduation exam. She fights well enough to pass, and moves on to go to a university. While there, she joins a club which, to her dismay, turns out to be based on ninja training.


One of the many 3rd parties in Super Smash Sisters.


  • B:Kunai Throw

Description:Throws a kunai at her opponent.

  • B Forward:Kubiori

Description:Ibuki does a suicide-slide on the ground, dodging most fireballs and high attacks. If she connects, she'll climb onto her opponent's back and snap their neck so hard that the two of them will rise into the air.

  • B Up:Kazekiri

Description:A Dragon kick, so to speak. Ibuki goes full split into the air.

  • B Down:Raida

Description:Ibuki lifts her opponent's arm and charges her fist with chi, then releases it explosively into their ribs.

Final Smash:Yami Shigure Description:Throwing three daggers to pin down her opponent's feet, Ibuki will then zip past them five times. Does a fair amount of stun damage, and comes out *FAST*. Use it to punish blocked sweeps, or to supplement a chain. Remember that it works at long range too, if you link it off of a Strong punch.

How to Unlock

  • 130 Matches
  • Complete Classic with anyone.

After fufilling one of those requirements you must fight her one-on-one and win.

  • Get her on your side in The New Order.




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