Heather (ヘザー, Heather) is a young Rogue who scoured the countryside villages of Crimea for gold to pay for her mother's medicine. She becomes tied up in the rebellion when Brom and Nephenee enlist her help in squashing a local insurrection. She then travels with the two to Melior and helps Lady Lucia to find evidence of Ludveck's involvement. She, too, fights with Ike during Part 3, arriving with the merchants as support. At the game's end, she returns home to care for her mother and swears off her thievery, though she always seems to have an ample supply of gold.

Super Smash Sisters

Heather is a playable character in Super Smash Sisters. Like in Radiant Dawn, Heather is a lesbian type who prefers girls as lovers. This is proven when Heather makes love to Nephenee is a cutscene.

How to Unlock

  • Complete Break the Targets with 10 characters.
  • 160 matches

Fufill one of the following then fight her and win then she is available.

Special Moves

  • B: Knife Throw: Heather throws her Bronze Knife and Iron Dagger at her opponent. She then takes out replacements.
  • B Side: Steal: Heather dashes for her opponent. If she connects, she will punch her right arm left then do a swift kick that knocks her opponent away. If her enemy has a weapon, she can take it.
  • B Up: Double Somersault Kick: Heather backflips upwards kicking her opponent then goes up doing the same motion.
  • B Down: Neck Snap Frakensteiner: Heather does a handstand and moves her legs forward. When she connects, her legs attach to the opponent's neck, she then breaks it then slams her opponent into the ground.
  • Final Smash: Somersault Thief: Heather crouches with her right leg back saying "Not better than this!" then goes forward 3 times doing backflip kicks to her opponent then blackflip kicks her opponent into the air 2 times. When she is done, she says "More boys should drop that way."

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