Harumasa is a grey-haired ninja. He wears dark-grey clothes with black edges and Japanese writings on it. Also, he wears a black band on his forehead and covers his right eye with it. He seems to be a dark element character who can unleash an energy ball and summon or revive soldiers. He uses a ninjatō as his weapon. He supports the Tokugawa during Sekigahara.

Super Smash Sisters Role

Harumasa Nanbu is one of the elder NPCs of Super Smash Sisters. Like in SB3, he can shoot balls of dark energy and use his Ninjatou. He can also revive samurai soldiers as undead, some axe using House of the Dead zombies cameo and help when Nanbu does this. When paired with a dark magic girl, he can join in a Team Final Smash.

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