Haito is a drug addict who works around Ritenkyo's brothels as a free-lancer bodyguard and assassin. He experienced prejudice during his childhood due to the color of his skin and hair. One of the most prominent insults from this time was questioning the color of his blood (implying that he wasn't human). Because of their cruelty, he has a liking to the color red that develops to the point of obsession. In battle, he uses special drug pills made by Hyakuji, the pharmacist of Zegengai. These pills increase his strength and cause him to cough blood as a side effect - a condition he takes delight in as it proves his blood is red after all.

After his partner, Yaci, leaves the crime syndicate, Haito is told by Daruma to go to a "free land to the East" (believed to be America or mainland Japan). Before he leaves, however, he wants to settle the biased hatred he has for Tohma. In his ending, he seems to die from the side effects of the drugs.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Haito is an NPC helper in Super Smash Sisters. He uses his attacks from SS: Warrior's Rage. If he lends one of the girls his drugs, her attack power and speed can go up for 20 seconds.

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