Giygas Is The Final Boss That Appeared In The RPG Game Earthbound


B:(Psi Fire) Giygas Fires A Wave Of Fire Onto The Arena Causing Massive Damage To The Players Below

Side B:(Darkness) The Arena Appears In Darkness Making Giygas More Visible

Up B:(You Cannot Grasp The True Form Of Giygas Attack) This Rarely Cause Much Damage

Down B:(Jumpscare) Giygas Goes Away For A Second Then Few Seconds Later A Nightmare Fuel Picture of Giygas Appears On Screen For A Few Seconds Causing Massive Damage To Whoever He Jumpscared

Super Smash:(Giygas Takes Your Soul) Giygas Literally Eats The Foes Soul Causing In A Instant Knockout

Final Smash:(Mega Fire) A Much Powerful Version Of Psi Fire


None To List

Victory/Losing Poses

Win 1:Stares At The Camera

Win 2:Jumpscare