Flame Princess
Flame princess by cris uchiha-d53nwju

Flame Princess

Gender Female
Species Fire Person
  • Finn (Fiance)
  • Jake (Brother in Law)
  • Jermia (Brother in Law)
  • Joshua and Margarett (mom and Dad in Law
  • Jake Jr., Viola, Kilm Ki Kwan, TV and Charlie (Nephews and Neices) 
  • Flame King (Father)
  • Flame Queen (Mother)
  • Unknown Brothers
  • Unknown Uncle and Aunt
  • Nightmare (Biological Dad in Law)
  • Unknown brothers in Law)
First Appearence Adventure Time

Super Smash Sisters

Super Smash Bros Brawl 2

Other Appearences

"P.S If you call me Dumb I'll burn you in Flames plus I HATE YOU CALLING MY BOYFRIEND THAT WORD"

- Flame Princess

Flame Princess is the Princess of the Fire Kingdom and Finn's girlfriend in the Adventure Time Series. she appears in Ultamite Adventures as a main protagonist with Mario, Luigi, Finn, Yoshi & Sonic. she has power that can destroy the world.


Long ago she was born from the Flame Queen and Flame King with 3 brothers (1 older and two younger) that was until Flame King Banished her to the outside world to suffer and die. then she was brought back and Locked in the Candle cage.

Years later Finn freed her at age 12.

2 years later they were hanging out with their friends Mario, Luigi and Yoshi until Subspace troops attacked their home in Mushroom city and they joined Sonic to stop the Evil Lord Nightmare. 



She and Finn were 12 years old when she was freed by him when her Evil father had her in the Candle Cage for years. she and Finn got along and had a early marriage right away and became friends with him.

She and Finn live together in Mushroom Land.


  • B - Flame Slash - her first move is Flame Slash where she slashes a brawler with Fire.

- Fire Bomb - she makes an Asteroid and throws it at a Brawler.

  • B right - her B right move is Flame Missle when she turns into a Firey Missle and lands on a Smasher she is nearest to.
  • B up - Her B up move is Flame Rocket where she burns up into a rocket and moves all the way up to the Platform
  • B Down - Her B Down Move is Fire Flare where she Shoots fire out of her hands and it burns the Platform and burns the smashers.
  • Final Smash - Her Final Smash is when she turns into a Dragon and Burns the whole Platform and it can kill all the Smashers on the Platform.
  • A Moves - She just punches and Kicks like Finn's B move

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