Excitebike is the brand of eponymous motorcycle appearing in the NES game Excitebike, the game which this assist trophy is taken from. "Excitebike" also appears in the Nintendo 64 game, Excitebike 64 and WiiWare game, Excitebike:World Rally. It has made cameo appearances in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl. He serve as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. X2 and a non-playable character in Super Smash Sisters and its sequel.

Excitebikes are, for the most part, typical motorcycles that are used in Excitebike racing competitions. As they are used for sport, they have very high specifications and can perform high-profile maneuvers such as launching high in the sky off ramps. Each excitebike is equipped with a turbo-boosting system which allows it to speed up to very high speeds, but puts a strain on the overheating engine if used for extended periods of time. On each racetrack are icons that instantly cool down your engine if you ride over them, though.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

The Excitebike rider appears in SSS as a non-playable character. When waiting, you see a lone Excitebiker in red off his bike. When called out, the biker brings a lot of Excitebikers to ride all over their enemies. Like in Excitebike, they are in pixel art.

Role in Super Smash Bros. X2

The Excitebiker and the new Female Excitebiker take their appearances from Excitebike: World Rally on WiiWare. They serve as playable characters. Their Final Crashes, Bike Crush and Bike Smash, are unique to the characters and deal out the same amount of damage. His taunt, the middle finger, was made famous and later returned in Super Smash Bros. X3: Triple Takedown!!!

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