Ethlin TCG2
Ethlin (エスリン, Esurin?) is a Troubadour in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. She is Siglud's sister and Duke Cuan's wife. She succeeded upon the death of her mother. Her sister-in-law Diadora gives her the Light Sword, which she can pass onto her son Leaf. According to unofficial manga, she was born in Gran 739. She stands 164 centimeters. She weighs 47.1 kilograms, and her blood type is A. She is killed alongside Cuan while protecting her daughter Altenna during Trabant's ambush in Chapter 5.

Super Smash Sisters

Ethlin is a playable character in SSS. She is a paladin and can use a sword in combat. In addition, she can also heal herself when needed with a special staff.

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