Eltshan is the Lord of Nodion during the first generation of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu and wielder of the Demon Sword Mistletain. He has a younger half-sister, Rackesis, who greatly looks up to him. He was a close friend of both Siglud and Cuan, who he first met at Barhara's military academy.

During Verdane's invasion of Grandbell, Siglud captured Evans castle and used it as a base of operations. Eltshan came to Siglud and promised to watch over Evans while Siglud marched deeper into Verdane. Later, Elliot, the prince of Heirhein moves out to capture Evans, but he is stopped by Eltshan and his Cross Knights.

Once Verdane was subdued, Siglud is forced to fight against Agustria, and Eltshan is ordered to march out to vanquish Siglud's army. As they clash swords, Rackesis speaks to Eltshan and tries to convince him to stop fighting. Eltshan gives his Earth Sword to Rackesis, before leaving to speak to his king. However, the king had Eltshan executed for treason.

His wife, Grahnye, left for Lenster along with their son, Aless.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Eltshan is an NPC in Super Smash Sisters. As shown in his TCG portrait, he fights with an ordinary sword in one hand and Mistletain in another hand. He can do some swings with both his swords and do somersaults.

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