Dr. Mario
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Dr. Mario was a clone character of Mario in Melee but was one of 5 characters who was dropped from Brawl. He's back, & the only thing dissimilar to Mario is his Final Smash (Megavitamin Invasion) where he summons tons of Megavitamins & Viruses to attack his opponents.


He's the doctor form of Mario, & is shockingly a character in Melee.


He is a secret character, unlocked when 10 Duels are played.


When fighting against the Doctor, stay close and use throws and standard attacks to punch out the most damage. When he is wide open use a smash attack, and repeat the process again. Also, Dr. Mario does not fight well in the air. Use an upward throw and use standard aerial attacks (the Attack button or left or right plus the Attack button). Be also aware of Dr. Mario's Super Jump Punch in the air.



  • Dr. Mario is still a clone of Mario in Duel, except for his Final Smash
  • Dr. Mario has been scrapped.

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