Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Primid Wars Part 4: Donkey Kong's Redemption

Before I start, here's a chronicle of the story so far.

Chronicle of Major Past Events

(Part 1) The Great King of Evil, Ganondorf forms a legion of villains, who work together with each other to rebuild the Subspace Army. Using the army, the conquer the universe, and capture most of its heroes by transforming them into life-size trophies. But, a small band of free heroes, led by the secret agent, Solid Snake manage to round up the free heroes and perform a successful rescue attempt of the captured ones. The heroes form a rebellion, with a mission to destroy the subspace army. Meanwhile, Ganondorf’s true intentions are revealed when he was shown secretly conspiring with Crazy Hand, the brother of Master Hand. Together, the two plot to liberate Master Hand from Subspace, where he currently remains thanks to the evil Tabuu. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emissary)

(Part 2) Dr. Eggman was put to work in building a portal into the subspace realm, the realm where pure evil resides. After several unsuccessful attempts, his future grandson, the time traveling Eggman Nega, offers his assistance. After successfully building a portal, Eggman Nega reveals his true intentions to betray Dr. Eggman. He escapes before Dr. Eggman could capture him. Shortly, a team led by Ganondorf arrives to test the portal (But Ganondorf was really trying to see if he could complete his mission of freeing Master Hand faster). The portal manages to work, but was only able to stay open for a small period of time. The heroes learn of what had transpired, and a strike team was sent to Dr. Eggman’s base. The heroes divide into teams. One team enters the portal while the other team attempts to capture the base. Meanwhile, the villains discover the long lost R.O.B. society, after it had been permanently transported into Subspace after the Subspace Army’s original attack (Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emissary). They had all been upgraded into more powerful forms, and proceeded to attack the villains on sight. The heroes that had followed the villains into subspace teamed up with the R.O.B. society. The villains prepare to surrender, but Eggman Nega crashes through the roof inside a giant robot suit. The heroes took the distraction as an opportunity to get the R.O.B.s out of Subspace by taking them to the portal. Eggman Nega was defeated, and all the heroes and villains made it out of Subspace before the portal closed but Eggman Nega was left, trapped inside of Subspace. The base had been captured and the villains managed to escape. Using the robot production factories at the base, the heroes had managed to use the R.O.B.s’ designs to create an army to combat the Subspace army.

(Part 3) The first location to liberate was the Mushroom Kingdom, which was under the reign of the evil Koopa king; Bowser. R.O.B. sent two separate strike teams to liberate the Mushroom Kingdom, one led by Mario, and the other led by Princess Peach. Mario’s team took the fight to Bowser’s door step, only to discover that he had anticipated the attack and was preparing to destroy Peach’s team, who was at Princess Peach’s castle, trying to take it back from Bowser’s son, Bowser Jr. Thanks to the efforts of Mario, Yoshi, and Sonic, Bowser’s attack was stopped, and Princess Peach and her team managed to free Princess Peach’s castle, and the Mushroom Kingdom.

Other Past Events Important to this Story

(Part 1) King K. Rool had agreed to join the Subspace Army. He attack DK Island and forced the Kong Family to flee. He had captured Donkey Kong, but failed to capture Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, who flew the Kong Family out of the jungle using one of Funky Kong’s gyrocopters. Since then, the Kong Family had been living in the bunker where the rest of the heroes resided. Recently, they had begun to become a real pain…

(Part 1) During the invasion of Hyrule, Link’s nemesis, Zant, had blasted him with a magical spell. While it did not cause him pain, Link is still unsure of what the spell’s affects were. Other people had noticed odd behavior coming from Link, however…

(Part 2) Eggman Nega was left in the subspace realm after the villains traveled to Subspace. He was left unconscious inside the Isle of Ancients. The Isle contained some of the most advanced technology known to man, so of which could be used for Eggman Nega’s evil intent…


“…and so in the end, I managed to smack him right in the face with a barrel! Oh, but then he managed to recover and rescue Paulina, and imprisoned me in a cage! But, my son managed to find me, and rescue me! And we lived happily ever after!” Cranky Kong finished his story. Dawn yawned. Ash was already asleep. Dawn nudged Ash a little bit to wake him up. Ash woke up with a fright. “Huh…whozzat?” Dawn gestured toward Cranky Kong. Ash looked him and smiled.

“Thank you for that … thrilling story, Cranky Kong!” said Dawn. Ash nodded. “Yeah! But, we really have to go, now.” he said. Cranky shook his head. “Nonsense!” he said. “I think you kids have enough time to listen to another story!” Dawn muttered “Oh no!” under her breath. Ash looked back at Cranky Kong and said“But sir, we really have to…” “YOU TWO HAVE ENOUGH TIME, NOW SIT DOWN, BE QUIET, AND ENJOY THE STORY!” Frightened, Ash and Dawn sat back down and paid attention. “So, there I was,” said Cranky Kong “Fleeing to a construction site when…” Ash and Dawn sighed.

Knuckles walked through the hallway when he heard someone call him. “Hey you! Red mole!” Knuckles frowned. He turned into the fighter’s barracks to see Swanky Kong and Candy Kong on a stage. “WHO ARE YOU CALLIN’ A MOLE, YA BIG CHIMP!” cried Knuckles. Swanky Kong threw his hands up, “Whoa, sorry friend, my mistake!” he said. “I was just wondering if you wanted to play a game!” Knuckles raised his eyebrow. “What kind of game?” he asked. “Watch the banana coin!” said Swanky Kong. He put the coin under one of three cups. Then he shuffled the cups around really fast. Then he stopped. “Pay five dollars, and guess which cup the coin is under!” said Swanky. “Guess correctly and win a prize!” said Candy Kong, sweetly. Knuckles smiled. “Alright, I’ll play!” he said.

He handed Swanky Kong the money. He thought for a while. He pointed to the cup on the far right. “I pick that one!” he said. Swanky lifted it up. There was nothing there. “Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe next time.” “Huh?” said Knuckles. Knuckles lifted up the other cups. There was nothing under either of them! “What the…” he turned to Swanky Kong angrily. “Why you little scam artist!” he said, angrily. Swanky Kong looked at Knuckles with fear in his eyes. He ran away, in dread. “COME BACK HERE YOU!” yelled Knuckles, as he chased after him.

Saki and Olimar went to inspect the weapons vault. They were walking down the hallway when they noticed the door open. Then they ran towards the vault. They looked inside to see Tiny Kong playing with a laser blaster. “Ooooh, what does this button do?” she asked. Saki cried “No wait, don’t press the trig…” Tiny Kong pressed the button. It blasted a giant hole in the wall behind Saki and Olimar. They looked at the massive hole Tiny Kong created. “…ger.” said Saki, staring glumly at the wall. “Wonderful.” said Olimar, sarcastically.

Ash, Dawn, Knuckles, Saki, and Olimar went to talk to R.O.B. “Cranky Kong wouldn’t let us leave for about six hours!” said Ash. “He was telling us about a bunch of stories from his past!” “Swanky Kong scammed me out of my money!” cried Knuckles. “Tiny Kong blasted a whole in the wall near the weapons vault.” said Saki. “Okay, okay!” said R.O.B. “Calm down. What do you want me to do about it? You should be talking to Donkey Kong!” “Because the only way we can get the Kongs to leave is if we take back their home!” said Olimar. Donkey Kong entered the room. “R.O.B.?” he started. “I don’t mean to be pushy, but, I need to talk to you about taking back DK Island…” “ALRIGHT! I GET IT!” cried R.O.B. “The rest of you … be gone! Donkey Kong and I will make decisions on who to take! Now will the rest of you please leave my circuits in peace?”

After making the decisions with Donkey Kong, he called the selected fighters down. “The following fighters are to report to the ready room: Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Mario, Ash, Dawn, Samus, Fox, Falco, Krystal, Captain Falcon, Saki, Little Mac, Olimar, Louie, Sonic, and Knuckles.” The fighters went to the ready room. R.O.B. and Donkey Kong presented the plan to the rest of the fighters. “DK Island was nearly destroyed thanks to King K. Rool’s invasion.” said R.O.B. “Therefore, we need to think of it as our next priority.” “We have to force King K. Rool out of the island.” said Donkey Kong. “Or capture him. Whichever works out in the end.” R.O.B. pulled out a map of DK Island. “King K. Rool has set up his base in the middle of the jungle. But in order to get to it, we have to deactivate the shield generators at the North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, and North West points of the island. Once they are deactivated, we can storm the base. Then, all of our forces will storm K. Rool’s fortress.” R.O.B. looked around. “Any questions?” Samus raised her hand. “Will we encounter much resistance? If so, what kind?” asked Samus. “King K. Rool is the leader of the Kremling Krew,” said Donkey Kong. “They are a bunch of tough and vicious alligators and crocodiles. While they look menacing, they are not too bright. There will probably be a large number of them there, mixed with some Primids.” “Anything else?” asked R.O.B. No one raised their hand. “Good. You will split into teams to destroy the shield generators. The ships will be placed on stand-by until the right moment. The teams will be Mario and Little Mac, Ash and Dawn, Samus, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, Team Star Fox will be their own separate team, Captain Falcon and Saki, Olimar and Louie, and it looks like Donkey Kong will be on his own.” “I can go alone.” said Samus. “I’m well equipped and the last thing I need is to take care of two little kids.” “HEY! That’s offensive!” said Diddy. “If that is how you feel, then Diddy and Dixie can go with Donkey Kong and Samus can go on her own.” said R.O.B. “Now, be on your way.”

At the villain’s head base, Ganondorf called on the speaker. “The following are to take the teleporters down to DK Island, where you will be briefed on your mission by King K. Rool: Wario, Mewtwo, Ridley, Team Star Wolf, Blood Falcon, Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic.” The villains went to the teleporters and were transported to DK Island.

The villains teleported inside King K. Rool’s fortress. “I don’t get it.” said Wario. “Why are we being reassigned here anyway?” “Its simple,” said King K. Rool, who was sitting in a chair at the end of a large table. “To prevent another embarrassing failure, like the loss of the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone is going to pitch in and help out for a while. Our inside agent has informed us of an attack here. So until the attack is over and successfully countered, these are to be your new posts. “Well, I shouldn’t be here! I have my own part of the world to rule!” said Dr. Eggman. “You aren’t going to stay, doctor.” said K. Rool. “You are going to let me borrow some of your most powerful guard robos and Metal Sonic until the attack is over.” “WHAT?” cried Dr. Eggman angrily. “Metal Sonic and the Guard Robos are my creations! I will not let them be ‘borrowed’ by anyone!” “I understand.” said King K. Rool. “So when your precious ‘Eggman Empire’ is attacked, you will be refused help from anyone, just like you refused to help me. These are Ganondorf’s orders by the way.” Dr. Eggman knew that if he was attacked, that he would need help, or he would fail miserably just like Bowser. “He will be returned when this is over?” asked Dr. Eggman. K. Rool nodded. “And, he will not be tampered with in anyway?” “He will not be touched.” reassured K. Rool. “And if he is destroyed?” “It’s a robot! You can build another one!” said K. Rool, angrily. “I still refuse to loan Metal Sonic.” said Eggman. “That’s fine.” said King K. Rool. “Good luck when the rebels attack your empire.” Eggman realized he was right. “Fine.” he said. “I’ll stay and help you guard. I refuse to leave Metal Sonic in the care of anyone other then me. You’ll receive some Guard Robo within the hour.” “Excellent, doctor.” said K. Rool. Eggman and Metal Sonic teleported away. “Meanwhile, the rest of you will each be assigned one shield generator to guard. It is important that these generators remain intact, so that no intruders can enter the base. If you need to get into the base then input the security code to get in. The code is KREMLING. You will each be given letters of the code to hold onto. If the code is entered incorrectly, it will trigger an alarm system, so you need to know that it is important to remember each of the code. Now go to your assigned Shield generators, and perform your guard duty. That’s all I’ve got to say.” Everyone nodded and left.


The ships landed on an island near DK Island. From there, the Donkey Kong and his team had to ride their way in a row boat until they got towards the outskirts of the island. They swam the rest of the way there. Donkey Kong led the fighters past a bunch of Kremling guards towards his tree house. DK pointed to it. “Up there!” he said. “I have a secret passage in my house we can use to get everywhere across the island.” He led the rest of the fighters into the house and went into DK’s bedroom. DK moved aside a giant picture of a banana, which revealed a deep dark cavern. DK pointed into the cavern. “Quickly! This way!” he said. The fighters followed him into the cavern. The cavern led to a bunch of passages, all labeled with compass directions on them. “Just follow through these tunnels and they will take you to the specific part of the island you need to go.” said DK. “Be careful. Who knows what kind of surprise K. Rool has planned for us. I don’t even know if he’s found these tunnels or not!” Everyone nodded. Then, all the fighters went their separate ways.

DK, Diddy, and Dixie emerged from outside the tunnel. They looked around. “I wonder where K. Rool hid the generator?” said Dixie. “He must have hid it in a very secret location! One that will take a lot of effort to find.” said DK. “Found it.” said Diddy. DK and Dixie looked at Diddy with confusion, then they noticed his gaze and followed it to see a massive generator in front of them. “Well, that was easy!” said Dixie. DK nodded. “A little too easy.” said DK. They walked past the bushes towards the generator. Diddy spotted something near where Cranky Kong’s shack used to be. It was a giant, proud and gleaming statue of when Cranky Kong used to be called Donkey Kong, and he was in his prime. “Wow.” said Diddy. “Cranky was sure proud of himself, back then.” “What do you mean, Diddy?” asked Dixie. “There’s a giant statue over there of what Cranky looked like when he was young. He must’ve spent all his time staring at it!” said Diddy. “You’re probably right.” said Dixie. “Wait a minute…” said Donkey Kong suspiciously. “Cranky never had a statue of himself! And if almost everything is this area is destroyed, then how come the statue is still standing?” Suddenly, the Statue’s eyes glowed red. Then its head moved. It looked at DK, Diddy, and Dixie. Then it began to walk toward them. “Because it’s not a statue!” said Dixie. “It’s a robot!” cried Diddy.

Mario and Little Mac had emerged from their cave. Mario breathed a sigh of relief. “Good.” he said. “At least nothing went wrong back there!” “Yeah!” said Little Mac. “Good thing, too. So now, something can go wrong out here for you!” said a voice from behind. Mario and Little Mac turned to see Wario behind them. “Wario.” said Mario. Mario and Little Mac braced themselves for battle. “I think we can handle you!” Mario said. “Oh, I’m not going to be the one you should be worried about. He is!” Wario pointed into the trees. Suddenly, a massive robot walked out from behind them. It was large, bulky and massive, and it carried a spiked hammer on its back. “Mama Mia!” trembled Mario.

Ash and Dawn walked out of the cave. Dawn brushed a spider web out of her hair. “Eww Eww Eww!” she cried. “I hate tunnels!” “Come on!” said Ash. “We got to find that generator!” Dawn nodded. Then she noticed something and gasped. “Ash, look!” she pointed into the sky. Ash looked up to see a balloon with an R on top. “Well, well, well. Look at the little twerps who got themselves caught in a trap.” laughed Jesse. “Yeah!” said Meowth. “You kids are going to need a miracle to get yourselves outta this one!” Ash and Dawn looked around. “What are you guys talking about?” asked Ash. Suddenly there was a boom and a crash. Ash and Dawn looked to see a giant robot walk out from behind the trees. It looked like the one that had ambushed Mario and Little Mac, but it had a few differences. It carried a mace and had large spikes on its shoulder. “Good luck!” said Jesse. “You’ll need it!” said James.

Samus had managed to make it out of the caves. She looked around. Then she turned on her scanner. Her scanner searched for any traces of energy. It located a massive energy spike towards the north. Samus followed its directions. She found a massive generator. “This must be the generator.” said Samus. “I had best get started…” WHAM. Something smacked into her and carried her high into the air. Samus caught a glimpse of her attacker. It was her old nemesis Ridley. “You really shouldn’t go snooping around in places you shouldn’t be, little girl.” taunted Ridley. “Well, this ‘little girl’ has beaten you before!” said Samus. “And she will do so again!” Samus pressed her power canon into Ridley’s chest. Then she electrocuted him. Ridley dropped Samus onto the ground as he cried out in pain. Samus got up while Ridley attacked again. Ridley dived into Samus, but she managed to get out of the way. Suddenly, Samus was grabbed from behind by a giant hand and lifted her up. The robot had an ax propped up on his shoulder. He had spiked pads on his shoulders as well, and he also had a massive helmet on his head. Ridley perched himself on the robot’s shoulder. “Squeeze the life out of her!” he said as he laughed. The robot began to follow the command

Fox, Falco, and Krystal ran out of the caves. “Okay,” said Fox. “Let’s wrap this up quickly!” “Got it.” nodded Falco. “Right.” nodded Krystal. “Then get ready for a rude awakening.” said a voice. Waiting for them at the shield generator was Wolf, Leon, and Panther. Fox and his team stopped in their tracks. “Star Wolf!” said Fox. “Like we really need to deal with you!” “Of coarse you do!” said Wolf. “After all, this wouldn’t be as much fun if you didn’t.” “And speaking of fun,” said Leon. “We’re going to have a heck of a time watching you fight for your lives.” “Indeed!” said Panther. “It is unfortunate that you must die this way Krystal. You and I would have made a lovely couple.” “In your dreams maybe!” said Krystal. “Me? I stick to reality.” Wolf looked at Panther sharply. “Shut up, Panther. You’re embarrassing us.” he said. “Sorry,” said Panther. “You know I just can’t contain myself when I’m near beautiful women.” he said, looking dreamily at Krystal. “You seriously need to get a life, loser.” said Krystal. “Enough talking!” said Falco. “Let’s some butt-kicking in before I fall asleep!” “I’m going to enjoy this!” said Wolf. Suddenly, a massive robot rose up from behind team Star Wolf. It carried a flail and swung it around viciously. “Me and my big mouth!” said Falco to himself.

Captain Falcon and Saki got out of the caves intact. “Well, let’s get looking for that shield generator!” said Captain Falcon, ready to go. “Are you always so pumped-up and confident?” asked Saki. “Of course!” said Captain Falcon. “You’d be surprised how a tremendous amount of confident energy can affect your performance!” “And in the end, you fail, crash, and burn, because something happens that always manages to get rid of that feeling.” said a voice. Captain Falcon and Saki turned to see Blood Falcon, standing on top of a giant robot. It had two giant machine guns for hands. “Hello again, ‘brother’!” said Blood Falcon. Captain Falcon turned angry. “I’ve told you to stop calling me that!” said Captain Falcon. “You are not my brother! You are some sick and twisted idea from the mind of Black Shadow! There can only be one true Falcon!” “You are right, brother!” said Blood Falcon. “And that Falcon is… Blood Falcon!” Blood Falcon laughed as the robot shot at Captain Falcon and Saki

Olimar and Louie came out of the caves. Olimar brushed some dust off. “Let’s pluck up some Pikmin before we head out.” said Olimar. “Okay.” said Louie. They plucked up a bunch of blue, red, yellow, purple, and white Pikmin before going any further. Then they continued on. They managed to find the shield generator. Suddenly, they started to hear voices. “Just a little tweak here… finished! Now to modify the Egg Emperor…” “Who’s there?” asked Olimar. Dr. Eggman poked his head out from behind a massive robot. “Well, you’re here earlier then I expected!” he said. “What are you doing here?” asked Olimar. “Oh, just putting the finishing touches on your doom!” said Eggman. He closed a panel and the robot sprang to life. “Toodles!” said Eggman as he flew away in his Egg Chair. The robot glared angrily at Olimar and Louie

Sonic and Knuckles dashed out of the caves toward the shield generator. “Come on, Knuckles!” said Sonic. “We’ll have this wrapped up in no time!” Suddenly, there was a flash of blue, and Sonic disappeared. He was slammed against a tree. Sonic looked up to see Metal Sonic. “You again?” asked Sonic. “Why can’t you just stay smashed?” “Because I am your inevitable defeat.” said Metal Sonic. “I can never stay down for long.” “Welcome, Sonic!” said Dr. Eggman, who flew a massive robot near the generator. “Pleased to see you again! You remember the Egg Emperor, don’t you? Well, I’ll have you know, it will take a lot more then what you had last time to defeat it!” “What are you up to this time, Eggman?” asked Knuckles, angrily. “Just doing my part for the Subspace Army!” said Eggman. “I designed a bunch of guard robos to attack your friends when they found the shield generators, but I saved this one especially for you and Sonic!” The Egg Emperor raised its lance. “Charge!” cried Eggman.

True Heroes

The three Kongs managed to dodge the Donkey Kong statue’s massive blow. “How are we going to stop that thing?” asked Diddy Kong. “I don’t know!” said Donkey Kong. “There must be something we can do!” said Dixie Kong. She looked around. She didn’t see anything that would really help the current situation. They dodged another blow. Then the statue rose up and pounded his chest. The shockwaves knocked the Kongs into the trees. “Its no use!” said Diddy. “We’re done for!” “No we’re not!” said DK. “I have a plan. The shockwaves gave me an idea.” he gestured toward Diddy and Dixie. “I need you two to distract it while I go in and take it out.” said DK. “Got it!” said Diddy. “You can count on us!” said Dixie.

Dixie jumped onto a tree branch, then she started to dance around and make funny faces at the statue. “Nyah! Nyah! Can’t get me!” she taunted. The statue brought down its fist. Dixie jumped out of the way while the fist knocked down the trees. “You’ll have to be faster then that!” she said. Diddy flew into the sky with his rocket barrel pack. He shot peanuts into the statue’s head with his Peanut Popguns. The statues cried with annoyance and swatted at Diddy like he was a flea. The statue was so distracted by the two, it never notice Donkey Kong, who was crawling up the statue’s back up onto his head. DK suddenly began to glow. He took out his DK Bongos and started to pound on them. It caused shockwaves that caused distortion to the statue. The statue’s head started to crack. Then the top of the skull completely shattered. It revealed a large bulb underneath. “Aha, this must be what’s controlling you!” said Donkey Kong. He jumped inside the robot’s head and punched the bulb multiple times, as fast, and as hard, as he could. The bulb eventually shattered. The statue fell to the ground, Donkey Kong jumping out of the way. DK looked toward the shield generator. “Well,” said Donkey Kong. “I guess that’s that. Now for that shield generator.” DK, Diddy, and Dixie set the charges onto the generator. DK pressed the trigger, and the bombs activated, obliterating the generator. “Alright then,” said DK. “Now to wait for the others…” suddenly, the Donkey Kong statue’s eyes started to glow. An image sprang from its eyes. The letter K.

Mario dodged a swing from the robot’s hammer, but Wario jumped up to grab him and kicked him into the air. Mario flew high into the air to the point where he could look into the eyes of the robot. The robot blasted him with laser beams from his eyes. Mario screamed in pain and fell back down to the ground. “Mario!” cried Little Mac. He ran trying to make sure he was okay when Wario got up behind him, twisted Little Mac’s arm behind his back, pointed him toward the robot, and kicked him toward the robot. The robot blasted him with laser beams too and he fell back to the ground near Mario. “This isn’t working.” said Mario, back on his feet. “We need a plan.” “Every time we try to make a move on one of them, the other just set’s us up for an attack from the other!” said Little Mac. “Then we need to make sure we can keep them both occupied.” said Mario. “I’ll handle the robot, you handle Wario.” Little Mac nodded and turned to face Wario.

“Well, well, what do we have here? A little rookie trying to get the better of the great Wario?” asked Wario tauntingly. “‘Great Wario’?” repeated Little Mac with disgust. “Mario was right. You are full of yourself!” “ME?” asked Wario with rage. “Sure!” said Little Mac. Little Mac smiled. “From what I’ve heard, you’ve named your bike after yourself as well as a game company, and your own castle (which I hear is decorated with pictures of yourself). Seriously. I have never met anyone more self-obsessed.” “ME? What about my cousin? He’s got the self obsessed issues around here!” said Wario. “He’s got a kart racing tournament named after him as well as…” Wario thought for a moment. “But he didn’t name it that.” said Little Mac. “Princess Peach did. And he doesn’t get full of himself with the glory of him being a hero. Unlike you, you self-obsessed greedy pig!” “Okay, THAT’S IT!” Wario lunged for Little Mac, who ducked and jabbed him in the stomach. Wario staggered and backed up a few steps. Then he came at him again, but Little Mac hit him with a left hook, then a right hook, before doing an uppercut into Wario’s jaw. Wario rose into the air, and then flipped and fell to the ground. Wario picked himself up. “Alright rookie, no more mister nice Wario!” Wario charged forward, going into a slide-tackle.

He slammed into Little Mac, who flew into a tree. Wario picked him up, and jabbed him in the face a few times, before swinging Little Mac around by his ankles at a high speed. Wario let go, and Little Mac slammed into another tree. Little Mac got up in time to see Wario speeding at him on his bike. Little Mac got up and managed to shatter the bike in one punch! Wario launched off of his bike and landed on the ground, getting his head stuck in the sand. He brought it out, and got the sand out of his eyes in time to see Little Mac coming at him again. Only this time he was glowing. “Now you get to feel the power of my little ace in the whole!” he said. Wario braced himself, but it didn’t help. Little Mac did two long jabs. He cried “ONE…TWO… PUNCH!” as he performed them. Then he ducked down. “STAR UPPERCUT!” he cried as he jumped and punched Wario in the jaw, launching him high into the air. Wario cried out in pain as he flew and landed with “OOF.” Wario moaned in pain and fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, Mario had gone back to fight the robot. He knew there needed to be some type of weakness. Mario launched some fireballs at it, but they had no effect. The robot slammed the hammer down. Mario jumped on top of the hammer, and as it rose back up, Mario jumped off into the robot’s head, and punched it. The robot’s head bent up, but then it came back down. Nothing had affected it. It commenced its attack by spinning around, while he swung the hammer. The hammer knocked down a few trees, however, it missed Mario, who had ducked and rolled over, past the robot. “Well if nothing affects it, maybe knocking it down will do something!” The robot swung so fast it almost fell over. It was balancing itself on one foot. Mario slammed himself into the robot’s foot. The robot fell to the ground. The helmet on its head fell off, revealing a bulb underneath. “There you are!” said Mario. “Now, let’s take a look at that soft spot on your head!” Mario ran up to the bulb and punched it, breaking it in the process. The robot malfunctioned and stopped. Mario wiped the dust off of his hands. He glanced at Little Mac. “Wow!” said Mario. “You handled Wario pretty well! Even I have a hard time facing him!” “Well,” said Little Mac, “You just gotta know how to get to them. I insulted him, making him angry and not focused, and I punched his lights out.” Suddenly, the robot churned. Then its eyes began to glow. An image came out of its eyes. The letter R.

Ash and Dawn had all of their Pokemon out, and were trying to find someway to stop that monstrous robot. The outer shell had been impervious to all attacks, including Pikachu’s thunder, Squirtle and Piplup’s water blasts, Ivysaur and Grotle’s razor leafs and Charizard and Infernape’s flame. Team Rocket laughed watching them. “Nothing’s working!” said Ash. “We need to find a soft spot to attack!” Dawn looked around. “I don’t see anything to hit!” she cried. Ash looked around as well. He noticed the helmet, which hadn’t done anything, and seemed unnecessary. “The helmet!” cried Ash. “Ivysaur, use vinewhip!” Ivysaur nodded and shot vines at the helmet. The vines wrapped around the helmet and Ivysaur pulled it off, revealing a bulb underneath. “Huh?” said Jesse as she noticed. “They’ve found the robot’s weak point!” she exclaimed. She looked at James and Meowth, who were still laughing. “Get up you idiots!” said Jesse. “We need to stop them! They’ve found the robot’s weak point!” James looked up. “Really?” he asked. “Yes really!” said Jesse. “Now get out you Pokemon and get down there and start fighting!” “Okay!” said James. “You don’t have to yell!” James and Jesse threw their Pokeballs down to the ground, and out popped their Pokemon. Meowth jumped off too and joined them. “Get them guys!” cried Jesse.

The Pokemon attacked. Each Pokemon was matched by another. “We need to get to that bulb!” said Ash. “Pikachu, use Volt Tackle, the rest you, use Triple Finish!” Pikachu turned into a giant ball of electricity and went for the robot. Meowth tried to stop him, but ended up being shocked. Pikachu made it to the bulb and destroyed it and the robot. The robot fell over. The rest of Ash’s Pokemon combines their powers into one massive beam, and defeated Jesse and James’ Pokemon. They recalled the Pokemon. “Well, I think its time to split!” said James. Jesse nodded. “See you twerps some other time!” she said. No one noticed Infernape had climbed into the balloon. He shot flame into it and popped it. Air leaked out and Infernape had managed to jump off before the balloon was sent in a bunch of different directions, before crashing into a tree. Ash and Dawn recalled their Pokemon. “You guys need a rest.” said Ash. “Yeah.” nodded Dawn. Suddenly, the robot’s eyes glowed. An image glowed from the eyes. The letter E.

The robot squeezed with tremendous force. Samus had to figure a way out of this if she was going to come out alive! She flipped into the air and kicked the robot’s chin. Then she landed on the ground. The robot looked back down at Samus. Twin laser beams shot from its eyes. Samus ran out of the way and dodged them, firing lasers from her power canon at it. The shots bounced off the robots outer shell. Then, Ridley dived down and grabbed Samus. He lifted her up into the robot’s gaze. The robot shot twin laser beams at her when she was stuck in Ridley’s grip. Samus cried out as she landed with a thud. She got herself back up and rolled out of the way before the robot stomped. She noticed Ridley diving at her and fired a missile at him. The missile hit him and Ridley fell to the ground. He rolled into a boulder. Samus charged at him, but was shot from behind by the robot. She picked herself back up. This is ridiculous! she thought. I can’t fight the two of them at the same time! Samus also had one other weapon in her disposal. The Zero Laser. Samus had to get Ridley and the robot both in range.

She shot a grappling laser at Ridley which magnetized to his chest. She yanked, and Ridley came closer to her. She then turned around and tossed him into the robot’s chest. Since Ridley’s chest was still magnetized, he was stuck to the robot’s chest. Samus charged her power canon to full power. She fired an intense blast of energy at Ridley and the robot. It was so massive, that its size could even be compared to the robot’s chest, which what she had fired into. The blast knocked Ridley through the robot’s chest. The robot fell over, almost completely destroyed. Suddenly, the pieces of Samus’ armor fell off. Now, the only Samus had was the Zero Suit. She pulled out her Laser-Whip gun, which she preferred to keep armed at all times when she was in the Zero Suit. She turned to bomb the shield generator, but before she could, the robot’s eyes glowed. It showed the image… of the letter M.

Star Wolf had Star Fox on the run. Star Fox had to retreat into the forest. They hid behind some trees to reassess their situation. “Its no use!” said Krystal. “They’ve got us matched blow for blow and they have that robot with them.” “What are we going to do, Fox?” asked Falco. “I don’t know!” said Fox. “I tried to signal R.O.B. 64 on the Great Fox to send us some Landmasters, but I can’t get a signal.” “But the comm-link was working a while ago!” said Falco. “You’re right!” said Krystal. “It almost like they want us here…” suddenly Fox realized it. “This whole thing was a trap!” he cried. “Bingo! Give the man a prize!” said Wolf. “To bad you won’t live to tell anyone!” Wolf took out his blaster and fired. Fox threw up his reflector and the shot bounced back at Wolf. It hit Wolf in the stomach and knocked him down. “Come on!” said Fox. “I have a plan!” Team Star Fox retreated deeper into the woods. Wolf got up, and he was joined by Leon and Panther. “Everybody scatter! Follow them!” he ordered. The team went searching in the trees.

Panther looked around, confident that his keen eyes would spot them first. “Hellooo Panther!” said a voice. Panther turned to see Krystal walking up behind him. Krystal got real close. “Mmm… I was wrong about you, Panther.” said Krystal slyly. “You are much more appealing then Fox.” “Well, I always knew that flee bag was no match for my charm and good looks.” Panther said, proud of himself. “You know what I think?” asked Krystal. “What is that, beautiful?” Krystal grabbed Panther and kneed him in the stomach. Panther cried out in pain as he fell off the tree and landed on the ground, flat on his back. “I think you needed that little dose of reality.” said Krystal.

Falco jumped from tree to tree, while Leon slithered from behind. “I have you in my sights, bird!” said Leon. “Yeah, how many times have you said that and I escaped? Thirty or forty times?” taunted Falco. “Just you wait birdie!” said Leon angrily. “I’ll blast you into oblivion!” He shot his blaster at Falco, missing each time. Falco jumped and grabbed the next tree branch. Leon jumped over him as Falco spiraled on the tree branch and kicked him in the back. Leon fell into another tree branch, and then he fell to the ground. “Guess you were all talk, huh tough guy?” said Falco.

Wolf pursued Fox and never lost his trail. He shot his blaster several times, missing each time. “I’m going to be the one to take you down, Fox!” said Wolf. Fox glanced behind him and shot his blaster at Wolf. Wolf dodged each one and reflected a shot back at Fox. The shot knocked the gun out of Fox’s hand. Fox cried in pain as he clenched his hand. Wolf lunged at him, and they both fell out of the tree. Fox gripped Wolf’s shoulders and flipped Wolf over in mid-air, then kicked Wolf in the stomach, launching him towards the ground below. Wolf landed on his back, while Fox landed on his feet. Fox stood over Wolf. “If you’re going to be the one to take me out, you’re not doing it today.” said Fox. Then he punched Wolf unconscious.

Star Fox met up with each other. “Now, let’s see if we can restore communication with the rest of the team before we advance on the robot.” said Fox. “Hey R.O.B.,” he called. “Can you hear me?” “I…an…ere…you, but…fully…zzy.” is what Fox heard. “Our communication is being jammed! Can you do something about it?” asked Fox. “Let…e….ry…There.” Fox could hear R.O.B. clearly now. “I’ve bypassed the signal scrambling. Can you hear me better now?” he asked. “Loud and clear R.O.B.” said Fox. “I need to send a message to all of the fighters.” “Alright.” said R.O.B. R.O.B. connected the comm. link to the rest of the heroes. “Attention everyone!” said Fox. “This entire thing has been a trap!” said Fox. “My team and I just survived an ambush from Star Wolf and a giant robot! We’ve defeated Star Wolf, but we’re pinned down by the robot.” Mario responded. “The same thing happened to me and Little Mac.” he said. “To defeat the robot you need to get rid of the robot’s helmet and destroy the bulb underneath.” “Understood.” said Fox. “Thanks for the info.” Fox gestured toward his team. “Come on!” said Fox. “Now that we’ve eliminated Star Wolf, let’s tackle that robot!” said Fox. Star Fox ran back to face the robot.

The robot was peering into the forest looking for them. It didn’t notice Star Fox run past it. “Now, Falco!” said Fox. Falco shot the helmet with his blaster. The helmet fell off. The robot turned to see Star Fox and fired a laser blast at them. Fox reflected it with his blaster, and the lasers shattered the bulb. The robot fell over. Now that the robot had been destroyed, Star Fox turned to the shield generator. But before they could destroy it, an image appeared from the robot’s eyes. The letter L.

Captain Falcon and Saki were pushed back into the forest. The robot was an accurate shot. Blood Falcon would stand on top of the robot and guide him to the locations of Captain Falcon and Saki. Then the robot would track them until they removed themselves from sight. Captain Falcon hid behind some bushes. Suddenly, his comm.-link started to ring. He turned it on. He heard Mario’s voice saying “To defeat the robot you need to get rid of the robot’s helmet and destroy the bulb underneath.” “Excellent!” said Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon whispered into his comm.-link. “Did you hear that Saki?” he asked. “Sure did.” he said. Captain Falcon. “See? I told you all you had to do was stay confident and things would work out in the end!” “There! I heard something in the bushes!” said Blood Falcon. The robot fired into the bushes. “Uh-oh!” said Captain Falcon. He rolled out from the bush. The robot shot in his direction. He jumped back into more bushes. “This is taking too long.” said Blood Falcon. “Looks like I’m going to have to weed you out myself.” Blood Falcon hopped off the robot’s shoulder and looked around. He jumped into the bushes. He searched intensely. “Now where are you…?” WHAM! Blood Falcon saw Captain Falcon’s foot for a split second before it knocked him out of the trees. Blood Falcon pointed at where he was searching. “There!” he cried. “Shoot there!” The robot shot into the trees. The trees caught fire and burned. Captain Falcon and Saki leaped out. “NOW” cried Captain Falcon. He and Saki both made leaps for Blood Falcon and the robot. Captain Falcon tackled Blood Falcon while Saki used his canon sword and cut off the helmet on the robot. Then he cut the bulb in half, disabling the robot. The robot fell to the ground after Saki had jumped off the shoulder.

Captain Falcon and Blood Falcon were having a grappling match. “Face it!” said Blood Falcon. “You’re no match for the true Falcon!” said Blood Falcon. “You’re looking at the true Falcon, buddy!” said Captain Falcon. He kneed Blood Falcon in the stomach, then tossed him aside. Blood Falcon’s fists glowed red with fire. He stood up growling. “For years we have argued over who is the true Falcon and frankly…I’m tired of it!” He charged at Captain Falcon in rage. “I am going to prove right here and now that I am the true Falcon!” Captain Falcon’s fists blazed with fire as well. “Let’s dance!” said Captain Falcon. Blood Falcon swung at Captain Falcon with a left hook. Captain Falcon bended over as the fist sailed through the air where his face once was. Blood Falcon came at him again with a right hook, and Captain Falcon dodged it again. Blood Falcon tried to uppercut him, but Captain Falcon dodged that too. Captain Falcon made two jabs into Blood Falcon’s stomach, then he kicked him against a tree. Captain Falcon’s fist then burned even brighter. He cried “Falcon … PUNCH” as his fist sailed through the air into Blood Falcon. The impact knocked Blood Falcon through some trees. Blood Falcon was unconscious. “That’s how the true Falcon does it!” said Captain Falcon smiling. Saki looked at Captain Falcon in awe. “Remind me to stay on your good side!” said Saki. Captain Falcon nodded. “Come on.” he said. “We have a mission to complete. Suddenly, the robot started to make strange noises. Captain Falcon and Saki looked to see the robot’s eyes showing a strange image. Then Captain Falcon and Saki managed to make out the image. It was the letter I.

Olimar and Louie dodged another one of the robot’s blows. “We need to figure out how to do stop this thing!” cried Olimar. “I could’ve told you that!” cried Louie. The last blow from the robot took out a bunch of Pikmin. Olimar and Louie watched as their spirits flew into the air. Olimar got a call on his comm.-link. He listened to the message. It was Mario saying “To defeat the robot, destroy the bulb underneath the helmet on his head.” “Of course!” said Olimar. “Louie, send some purple Pikmin up to remove the helmet!” Louie nodded. “Purple Pikmin, retrieve the helmet.” Some Purple Pikmin climbed up the side of the robot and grabbed its helmet. The Purple Pikmin pulled and the helmet came off. However, the robot managed to shake them off. Some of the Purple Pikmin died. “Alright!” said Olimar. “Red and blue Pikmin, slow it down!” Red and Blue Pikmin latched themselves onto the robot’s legs. The robot’s legs had become so heavy that the robot couldn’t move them. “Now Yellow Pikmin, destroy the bulb!” said Olimar. The Yellow Pikmin climbed up the robot and latched themselves onto the bulb. The electric power that came from the Pikmin destroyed the bulb. The robot fell over. Olimar and Louie smiled. They turned to destroy the generator, but suddenly, the robot’s glowed. They both glanced back at the robot to see an image pop out from the robot’s eyes. The letter N.

Sonic dodged another laser blast from Dr. Eggman’s Egg Emperor’s lance. Then he was tackled into a mountain side by Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic lifted him into the air by his throat. Then Knuckles punched Metal Sonic out of the way. “What should we do?” asked Knuckles. “I don’t know!” said Sonic. “We can’t focus on one at a time!” A missile shot forth from the pack on the Egg Emperor’s back. Sonic and Knuckles dodged it barely in time. Metal Sonic launched some form of energy nets at Sonic and Knuckles. They were ensnared in the nets! “We could use Super Sonic right about now!” said Knuckles. “What’s that you say? Super Sonic?” asked Dr. Eggman. “Then I take it that you’ve got the seven Chaos Emeralds then?” “Nice going, Knuckle-head!” said Sonic angrily to Knuckles. “Metal Sonic, retrieve them!” said Dr. Eggman. Metal Sonic dashed towards the ensnared duo. “I’ll get us out of this!” said Knuckles. Knuckles grabbed the net with both hands and screamed in searing pain as the energy net shocked him with thousands of volts of electricity. Sonic looked at him, unimpressed. “That’s why they call it an energy net, Knuckle-head!” Metal Sonic outstretched a hand and the net vanished. Then he dashed and picked Sonic and Knuckles up by their necks. He shook them violently. But before anything could happen Metal Sonic was punched out of the way.

Sonic and Knuckles looked up to see Mario and Little Mac standing over them. “We’ll take care of you’re robot doppelganger!” said Mario. “You take care of the big guy!” Sonic and Knuckles picked themselves up. Sonic gave Mario a thumbs up. “Alright! Thanks for the hand.” said Sonic. “No problem. Now go!” said Mario. Sonic and Knuckles ran towards Dr. Eggman. Sonic called upon the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds and transformed into Super Sonic. Super Sonic charged and blasted a hole through the Egg Emperor’s chest before Dr. Eggman could even throw up a force field. Then Super Sonic turned around and picked up the Egg Emperor and slammed it down on the ground. Then he picked it up again and spun it around before letting go. The robot sailed across to the other side of DK Island, and Dr. Eggman could be heard screaming “AUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHH!” Meanwhile, Metal Sonic was holding Mario and Little Mac off on his own. When he saw the Egg Emperor flying, he tossed them aside, cried “Master!” and ran off after it. Mario and Little Mac watched him go. “That’s one tough robot!” said Little Mac. Sonic walked up to him and said “I know what you mean. I’ve been fighting it for years and its nearly impossible to beat him.” Knuckles followed Sonic. “Alright.” he said. “Let’s take out that shield generator, and finish this.” Sonic and Knuckles set the charges on the shield generator and detonated them. All four fighters glanced at K. Rool’s base.

The massive field surrounding K. Rool’s base dissipated. The base was now vulnerable for attack.

All for Nothing?

DK glanced at the base. He spoke into the microphone and said “Alright, Kong squadron,” said DK, “Bring the pain! The generator is down, so let’s…” “HOLD IT!” said R.O.B. over the microphone. “According to my readings, the base’s automatic defense systems have just been set to activate. I can shut it down from here via satellite, but I need some sort of a code.” “A code.” repeated DK. He remembered the letter K that was shown from the giant old Cranky Kong statue’s eyes. “Everyone, after you defeated your robots, was a hologram of a letter shown?” he asked. He heard a bunch of people say we did, but he heard Sonic say “I sorta… threw my robot to the other side of the island before it showed. If it was gonna show.” “Everyone else, read me your letters.” said DK. “R.” said Mario. “E.” said Ash. “M.” said Samus. “L.” said Fox. “I.” said Captain Falcon. “N.” said Olimar. “And my letter was K.” DK muttered. “K R E M L I N… G!” he said with surprise. “G is the last letter! Kremling is the word! R.O.B., try that!” R.O.B. inputted the code. “The satellites say that the base is okay to attack now. Good luck.” said R.O.B. “Alright everyone,” said DK over the comm.-link, “Attack the base now!” Suddenly, the base shook violently. The base then split in half and from the ground from where it once stood, a massive crocodile ship, as well as thousand of battleships rose from the depths. The Kong Squadron moved in, but they were met with brutal force. It was all a trap. “This whole entire thing was a trap.” said DK, to himself.

“Attention futile rebellion,” said King K. Rool over a microphone speaker. “A few days ago you gave the Subspace Army an embarrassing defeat at the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, we repay you with an equally embarrassing defeat today. I have no more use for this island now. You’ve wasted your time and resources coming here while we kept you away from the real plot!” King K. Rool laughed. “Now your deaths are at hand!” The heroes all retreated back to a transport ship piloted by a R.O.B. solider. “Where to sir?” asked the solider. “Bring us in to K. Rool’s ship!” said DK. “We may have lost a battle today, but I’m going to repay K. Rool for our past!” The ship pulled in towards K. Rool’s massive warship. He turned towards the fighters and the R.O.B. pilot and said “Pilot, I want you to take the rest of them to safety. “WHAT?” cried Diddy. “DK, you can’t do this! Let us help you!” “No. This is something I must do alone. Something I’ve waited a long time for.”

DK then jumped from the transport ship and knocked into glass and fell on the bridge. He looked up and King K. Rool in anger. “You.” said K. Rool angrily. “Why do you continue this?” asked K. Rool. “You’ve lost! Honestly, you stubborn ape! You just don’t know when to call it quits!” K. Rool stood from his chair and balled his hand into a fist. “Maybe you need a refresher.” K. Rool lunged at DK. The two collided and rolled over. K. Rool was on top of DK trying to claw his eyes out. DK used his brute strength to keep K. Rool at bay. He then kicked K. Rool off of him. K. Rool fell back into his chair. “No tricks.” said DK. “This time we play by my rules.” “Then this should be interesting.” said K. Rool. The two collided once more. K. Rool struck DK in the face, but DK returned with a blow of his own. K. Rool jabbed DK in the stomach. He jabbed him again. The grabbed him by his hair on his head. K. Rool slammed DK onto his knee several times before tossing him away like a broken toy. He charged at DK again, but DK slammed him into a wall. Then DK picked him up with one hand and threw him over DK’s shoulder. K. Rool got back up, but DK delivered several more blows to the face. Then, DK grabbed K. Rool’s head and head butted him, right on the forehead. K. Rool staggered backward before DK his put both of his hand together and slammed them into K. Rool’s jaw. K. Rool picked himself back up and stuttered. “You… you think this can stop me? I will…I …will … destroy you… I will…” suddenly something struck him in the face and K. Rool fell to the ground, unconscious.

DK turned to see… Link! His sword and shield drawn and standing over K. Rool. “Down you go.” he said. “Link?” asked DK. “What are you doing here?” “R.O.B. said you could use some help, so he teleported me down here.” said Link. “But how did you …” “HA! You think this is over?” DK and Link turned to see K. Rool with some sort of switch in his hand. “For you maybe!” he said. He pressed the button on the switch and the bridge on the ship detached itself from the rest of the ship. Then the rest of the ship flew away. The heroes’ transport ship flew underneath DK and Link and they fell inside the open roof. DK stood up. “Glad you’re here guys.” he said. “Of course we’d be here DK!” said Diddy. “You know we wouldn’t just leave ya!” “We stayed behind as your backup for when you fought K. Rool. But it looked like Link had it all covered.” “Speaking of which,” said Mario, “How did you get here, Link?” “Long story.” he said. “Well, for the most part, this was a victory. But, I wonder what he meant by ‘real plot’.” said DK. Diddy shrugged. “Who knows?”

Miles away from where the battle was fought, Bowser and King Boo looked inside a mysterious cauldron. King Boo uttered strange phrases. Then the cauldron exploded. “Behold!” he said. “Your missing soul, back from the dead! Come forth, Andross!” A tall monkey walked from where the cauldron stood. “Where am I?” he asked. Bowser walked towards Andross and put a hand on his shoulder. “Andross, my risen friend,” said Bowser. “Walk with me and I’ll tell you a story…”

K. Rool transmitted a broadcast to Ganondorf. Ganondorf answered the line and said “Ah, King K. Rool. Judging from all of those bruises on your face, I take it they took the bait?” he asked. K. Rool nodded. “The rebellion fools have no idea that a traitor is in their midst!” Then he and Ganondorf laughed manically.

Eggman Nega looked around. Since he worked with Dr. Eggman to build the Subspace Portal, and attempted to betray him after he and some of the villains traveled inside, but was inevitably stopped by the Rebellion and the Subspace Army, he had been trying to use the technology in the Isle of Ancients to build away back home. But he had been unable to do so, so far. A floating orb floated towards Eggman Nega’s face. “What is this infernal thing?” he asked. “You are an inventor?” asked the orb. “Of coarse I am!” he said. “Why?” The orb starred at him. It took Eggman Nega a moment or two to realize it was an eyeball. “You will help me regain my army, and reconstruct my body.” said the orb. “What are you talking about?” asked Eggman Nega. “I will do no such …” he paused. His mind went completely blank. Then words in his head appeared and they kept repeating themselves. You will server Tabuu. You will serve Tabuu. Eggman Nega then muttered the phrase “I…Will…Serve…Tabuu.”

Next Time: Something strange is going on with Link. With him displaying weird personalities, after his strange appearance at the battle of DK Island, can R.O.B. trust him to take the lead to battle Zant in the Twilight World? Also, Zelda and her team must free the people of Hyrule from the iron fist of Ganondorf, while escaping the tracking forces of King Bulbin.

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