Diadora (ディアドラ, Diadora? Also called Diedre in fan translations) is the wife of Siglud and descendant of Heim through her father Prince Kurth and of Maira through Cigyun, and also the half sister of Alvis. She was a villager living in a small village in the Spirit Forest in Verdane, the setting of Chapter 1. When Siglud met her in the forest, she was not allowed to associate or contact with men, but fell in love with him, and were wed in Agustria. She gives birth to Celice between chapters 2 and 3, and Celice inherits Minor Naga blood from her. After Siglud captures Madino Castle during Chapter 3 Manfroy captures and brainwashes her, and leaves her for Alvis to find in order to resurrect Loputousu; after Siglud's death, she marries Alvis and bears his children, the twins Yurius and Yuria. Yurius later kills Diadora after Manfroy gives Yurius the Loputousu tome, but Diadora is able to prevent Yurius from killing Yuria by warping Yuria away with the last of her strength. In Chapter 10, after Celice defeats Alvis, the ghost of Diadora along with Sigurd appear to Celice and Diadora mentions to always value those around him. She has the Awareness skill, which she passes on to Celice.

Super Smash Sisters

Diadora is playable in Super Smash Sisters. In a backstory, she along with her sister-in-law Ethlin were given a second chance of life by Lady Hand to join the Super Smash Sisters. her memories of Siglud were brought back after ressurection. She not only has loving feelings for her sister-in-law but also her daughter Yuria.

To Unlock

  • Deflect 20 projectiles
  • 350 matches

Win the match that follows.

  • Get her on your team in New Order.

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