Devouring Lava Devouring Lava is a stage in the Ninjai Revolt mode of the game, Super Smash Bros. Revolution.

The stage begins with Fox, Tails and Mametchi, battling through their way through the Lava. After making it through the swamp part, Mametchi, Tails and Fox are walking and talking, but enexpectedly, a black, Shadowing Arrow is shot through Mametchi, turning him into a trophy. Fox turns and sees both Bowser and Majora Mask Link holding a Dark Cannons, which he shoots again at Fox, but Fox dodges and slides, Which hits Tails, while Bowser points to Mametchi's trophy, just as Shadow Bugs devour it. Fox looks at this in a surprised state, and then turns and looks at Majora Masked Link, who is ready to make another shot at Fox. Blasts are shot around Bowser, who seems to almost trip. An Arwing flies overhead, and Falco and Peppy ejects themself from it. the land,and Peppy gets Tailes trophy and Falco dashes up to Bowser (possibly using Falco Phantasm) and kicks the gun upwards and does a flip. He lands and starts shooting the gun with his Blaster, and the gun is destroyed.Major Mask Link dashes at Falco and tries to shoot his canon missing, Falco hits Him Making a trophy. Bowser jumps backwards, and lands in his Koopa Clown Car, and flies away. After this, the Shadow Bugs turn the trophy into False Mamechi and False Major Mask Link, which then grows much larger. Fox revives Mametchi's trophy, and a boss battle starts against False Giant MM Link. After winning, Mamechi will cheer, while Falco walks away. Mametchi drags him back and tries to tell him what is happening, but Falco once again walks away. Tails and Peppy and Mametchi all grab him and drags him away in the same manner that Mametchi did with Fox; and while Falco is dragged away, Fox shrugs. King Dedede soon comes and snatches MM Links Trophy.

The Five continue through the Lava, battling many enemies (most of them being Bowser's underlings). After making it through the Lava swamp, Mametchi, Fox, Tails, Peppy and Falco (standing at the top of a waterfall) spot a platform with Ninjai on it, and Donkey Kong's trophy. Mametchi stomps the ground, mad, but Falco glares over towards the other side of the waterfall, and the Great Fox appears.

After clearing the Revolt, the player can return to this stage, enter a newly placed red door, and be taken to Hanebow. There, the player will fight Young Link. If defeated, it will then become unlocked as a playable character.

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