Cuan TCG2
Cuan (キュアン, Kyuan?) is the Prince of Lenster and a descendant of Noba. He is Ethlin's husband and Siglud's brother-in-law. Siglud and Eltshan met him when they trained together at the Royal Academy of Barhara. His father King Calf had a tie to Ira's father King Mananan. He gets the legendary lance Gae Bolg (in Chapter 3, but gets to use it only briefly, due to leaving Siglud at the beginning of Chapter 4.) However, he passes the Gae Bolg to his daughter Altenna, who gets to use it for a much longer period of time. He is killed in an ambush by Trabant while crossing the Yied Desert in attempt to reinforce Siglud in Barhara. His last words are, "Ethlin... I'm sorry. Fin... Look after Leaf..."

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Cuan in a NPC helper character in Super Smash Sisters. Like his daughter Altenna, Cuan can use the Gae Bolg which he passed down before his death. He is still married to Ethlin although she is loving the other girls.

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