Crash Bandicoot


Attack: 2/5

Speed: 3/5

Attack Speed: 5/5

Jump: 3/5

Reach:  3/5

Gravity:  3/5

Weight:  3/5

Traction:  4/5

Height:  3/5

Costumes Crash changes the tint colour of his fur and his pants

(Default) Orange fur and blue pants

White fur and green pants

Sky Blue fur and blue pants

Red fur and blue pants

carbon crash costume


Crash appears on the battlefield teleporting with Aku-Aku


Up: Crash jumps and saids "Woo-hoo!"

Left/Right: Crash takes a bite out of a Wumpa Furit and saids "Mmmmm..."

Down: Crash makes funny faces.



Wall Jump


A: Punch (right hand)

AA: Punch (left hand)

AAA: Norris Roundhouse

A>: Jab

Smash A>: Board Smash

A^: Uppercut

Smash A^: Flip Kick

Av: Low Kick

Smash Av: Gyro Jackhammer

Running A: Rolling Kick


A: Aerial punch

A^: Backflip kick

A>: Drop Kick

Av: Down Kick

A<: Aerial Back Kick


B: Wumpazooka: Crash put outs a bazooka and shoots enemies with Wumpa fruit. You can also pick them up to heal you alittle. Can be aimed like cracker launcher

B>: Spin Attack: Crash spins around crazy hitting enemies in his way. You can hold it down but be careful... If you hold too long Crash will become dizzy and be unable to defend himself for 2 seconds.

B^: Crate Jump: A crate appears under Crash and bounces him into the air. Its kinda like Sonic's Spring Jump except the crate brakes.

Bv: Belly Flop: Crash jumps into air and squash his enemies. If you're already in the air Crash will perfom Belly Flop faster. Final Smash

"Aku-Aku" Crash put on Aku-Aku giving him temporary invulnerability from enemies attacks and boost his power.


Z: Grabs the with both hands

Z+A: Knee 1%

Z^: Throws the enemy into the air and kicks the enemy.

Z>: Throws the enemy forward.

Zv: Throws the enemy down and rides on them.

Z<: Throws the Enemy backwards.

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