The Classic mode will have a total of 15 stages. Including the battle with the Master Hand (and Crazy Hand depending on the difficulty setting), but not including the bonus stages. The bonus stages will appear after stages 5 and 10. The first 5 stages feature only first-party characters. After that is a Target Smash. Stages 6-10 feature only third-party characters. After that is a new bonus stage similar to the "Grab the Trophies" bonus stage in Melee except that you also grab stickers, and you don't try to knock them into a certain area but rather jump and grab them as they fall from the sky. At the end of this, the trophies and stickers are added to your total and coins are added to your total depending on how many trophies and stickers you grabbed. Watch out as bombs also fall from the sky and stun your fighter. Stages 11-13 involve both first and third-party characters in special matches, such as metal and giant. After that, you face 3 characters followed by the traditional Master Hand battle.

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