Cham Cham (チャムチャム, Chamu Chamu) is a character from the Samurai Shodown series who was introduced in Samurai Shodown II. She replaced Tam Tam's role in the cast. Curiously, she debuted the same year as another catgirl character, Felicia; additionally, Cham Cham even has an alternative color palette that looks similar to Felicia's default colors. She is the only character of the series to star in her own pachinko game.

She is the younger sister of the character Tam Tam. She secretly took a village heirloom, the "Tangiers Stone" (タンジルストーン, Tanjiru Sutōn), to play with when a goblin who snatched it away. She thought her parents would be angry because of it so she sets out with her pet chimpanzee "Paku Paku" (who is actually Tam Tam transformed as punishment for his failure to protect the stone) in order to look for it.

Super Smash Sisters

Cham Cham is a playable character in SSS. She can use her Yok Mok Mook boomerang for normal combat and it can be thrown for a special attack.

To Unlock

  • Successfully execute 12 final smashes.
  • 300 matches

Win the match that follows.

  • Get her on your side in New Order.


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