Camus (カミュ, literally Kamu) (later known under the aliases Zeke (ジーク) and Sirius (シリウス, Sirius)) is the leader of the Sable Knights of Grust. His liege decided to ally with Doluna and, despite his sense of honor and integrity, he obeyed his country and fought against Marth. He is said to be the most able warrior alive.

When Grust forged an alliance with Doluna, he did not protest, unlike General Lorenz. When Nyna was sent into the Sable Order's custody, and when Doluna ordered for her execution, Camus took her to Aurelis so that Hardin could protect her. When Akaneia was looted, one of the Three Regalia, Gradivus, was given to Camus. Unfortunately, for incurring the wrath of Medeus by helping Nyna escape, he was put on a short leash. When Nyna explained all these events to Marth, he knew Nyna wished for Camus to be spared, but even when Marth and Nyna asked him together to join the Akanean League, he denied the request and fought Marth's army, where he was seemingly killed.

In reality, he survived, lost most of his memories, and ended up in the continent of Barensia, where he washed ashore and was found by Teeta, a Rigelian saint who he would later fall in love with. In a years time, "Zeke", the name given to him by King Rudolf, forged a common trust with the King and rose to become a high ranking general in the Rigel army. He opposed the war with Sofia, which led to Teeta being captured in order to force him to fight. When he learns that Teeta is safe and after he notices a mark on Alm's right arm, one that belonged to the person who would save Rigel, according to Rudolf, he joins Alm's army. After the war Zeke lived a happy life with Teeta and recovered his memories, although he did not tell her this.

He would return to Akaneia as the masked knight Sirius the following year, when he heard of Hardin's ascension to throne and fall to madness, and of his appointment of the corrupt General Lang to rule over the occupied Grust. He first appeared to Ogma when the latter was protecting the Grustian royal children Yumina and Yubello from Medon's Vikings, and is asked to join the Altean army fighting Lang. While he notes that he is not promising anything, he joins the army once the Vikings are defeated. Later on, due to his true identity, he was able to snap Nyna out of her mind control from Medeus despite denying to her that he is Camus. She protests, but he states that she is tired and should return to Marth's side, followed by an apology which she overhears. After the war he vanished, claiming to Nyna that he was returning to his country and that someone was waiting for him there.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Camus is a young non-playable in Super Smash Sisters. He brings his Gradivus spear to battle. Sometimes, he can dash fast and do swings with the spear. Nyna is shocked when she finds out Camus is alive.

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