Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Bowser Jr. solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Bowser Jr..


Bowser Jr. is finally returned in Smash Bros. along with the Koopalings as alts.

Changes from Smash 4

  • Bowser Jr. can now use Shadow Mario as his transformation via FInal Smash.


  • Can Crawl

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move: Clown Cannon
  • Side Special Move: Clown Kart Dash
  • Up Special Move: Abadoned Ship!

  • Down Special Move:  Mechakoopa
  • Final Smash: Shadow Mario Transformation

Description: Shadow Mario is just like Mario except stronger, faster and more agile. Plus his smash moves unleash fully charged with no charge up.

Shadow Mario's Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move: Shadow Fireball
  • Side Special Move: Paintbrush Throw

Description: Shadow Mario throws is paintbrush like a boomerang, then comes back to him.

  • Up Special Move: Shadow Jump Punch
  • Down Special Move: Shadow Mario Paint

Description: Shadow Mario paints an "X" mark to the opponent. After 5 seconds, the paint explodes and the opponent suffers from damage.

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"Who or what is that?"

Colonel:"That's Bowser Jr., Bowser's son."

Snake:"What is this? Bring your child to work day?"

Colonel:"Don't underestimate Bowser Jr. just because he's young, Snake. If he takes on the guise of Shadow Mario, you'll be in big trouble."

Snake:"Huh... Don't tell him or his father this, but I've got a great recipe for Turtle Soup."

shadow mario codec

snake so this the oh so feared shadow mario huh

colonel yes shadow mario was made so bowser jr could destroy delfino plaza with the disquise of mario

snake so bowser wanted mario in prison

colonel too bad for bowser that mario only needed to clean the city

snake ok but how can he transform into him?

colonel think snake think

Fighting against Bowser Jr.

You might be afraid to get close to Bowser, but it;s relatively safer to get in close to Bowser Jr..

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