bowser jr


up taunt- throws paintbrush in air like fox's side taunt

side taunt- face the screen and laughs

down taunt- stomps the ground and growls


Attack: 2/5

Speed: 4/5

Attack Speed: 4/5

Jump: 2/5

Reach: 4/5

Gravity: 2/5

Weight: 1/5

Traction: 2/5

Height: 1/5


A: Left swipe (Jr. is a lefty) 2%

AA: Right swipe 2% (added damage)

AAA: Flip swipe 3% (does a flip in mid-air after right swipe and whacks enemy in head with brush)

A>: Jab (with brush) 3%

Smash A>: Stab 4-5%

A^: Backflip kick 1%

Smash A^: Same as Bowser's 3-5% (he doesn't have sharp spikes)

Av:  Low kick 2%

Smash Av: Same as Bowser's 4%

Running A: Baseball slide


A: Goes in shell and spins 2-3%

A>:  Kick 2%

A^: Upward headbutt 2%

Av:  Mini Bicycle Kick 2-6%

A<: Same as Bowser's 2%

Specials standerd specail- graffiti he paints the trademark M paint on the ground. Kinda big too. Anyone walking on it will slip everyone but junior of course

side special- sonic roar. Jr shouts sonic waves forward. The waves don't do damage but they push the opponent back. The waves dissapear after traveling distance equal to the length of the battlefield staggevand they can bounce of walls. If the move is used close to an opponent the opponent will be stunned for 1 second

up special- copter shell same as bowsers up special but with more vertical movement

down special- transform. Bowser jr turns into shadow mario

final smash- speedy graffiti bowser jr covers all the platforms in different paints red paint does fire damage yellow does electric damage blue does ice damage green does poison damage


Z: Jump onto someone (like pichu or pikachu does)

Z+A: Headbutt 1%

Z>: Flip kick's the enemy forward 2-3%

Z^: Kick the enemy in the chin sending them up 3%

Zv: Lays the enemy down then jumps ontop of them 2%

Z<: Grabs enemy's arm and flings them inback of himself 2%







Baby Bowser (looks the same except with just a regular white bandanna)

shadow mario

to start as shadow mario hold R on the gamecube controler or classic controller. or hold the minus button on the wiimote


Attack: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Attack Speed: 2/5

Jump: 2/5

Reach: 3/5

Gravity: 3/5

Weight: 3/5

Traction: 3/5

Height: 3/5

costumes all colors are transluclent, eyes change color

blue- default eyes red

green- eyes yellow

red- eyes blue

yellow- eyes green

white- eyes red


up taunt- mimics mario's up taunt

side taunt paints an M in the air which immediately disappears

down taunt sinks into the ground and re-emerges


emerges from a paint portal

victory poses

note shadow mario fights similar to dr mario but most of his attacks do poison damage

A: shadow mario swings his brush downward 2%

A,A brush chop then shadow mario swipes his brush forward 2% plus poison

A,A,A brush chop then brush swipe followed by shadow mario spinning the brush in his hand. Continue pressing A to continue spinning 3%

Tilts ^ Short Hop head (think DeDeDe) Low Knockback 10%

> brush stab low-mid Knockback 12%

v brush sweep(trip) 6%

Smashes ^ Think Lucario With poison High Knockback 20%

> Same as dr mario's from Melee Very High Knockback 24%

v Think Zero suit samas but Both Sides With Hands Stronger But little laggy at end Mid-High Knockback 18%


^ Same as dr mario's Melee move Low-Mid Knockback 10%

> Smashes forward with paintbrush Mid Knockback 12%

< German Suplex Low-mid Knockback 10%

v Pins and stabs with paint brush(Chainthrow) 4%

Ariels shadow mario uses the same ariels as dr mario but elecricity is replaced with poison

special moves

standard special- paint ball- works like mario's fireball but it inficts poison damage

side special- transparancy- shadow mario becomes transparant for one second. anything thrown or shot at him during that one second will pass right through him unharmed. also any attacks done to him during that time period will do zero damage

up special- warp paint- works like meta knights dimensional cape but has longer reach. and when shadow mario dissapears he leaves an afterimage of his emblem that vanishes when he reappears 

down special- transform- transforms into bowser jr

final smash- speedy graffiti shadow mario covers all the platforms in different paints

red paint does fire damage

yellow does electric damage

blue does ice damage

green does poison damage

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