Bomamba's Lair comes from Nights Journey of Dreams for Wii. Bomamba is a boss in the game(and on a personal note she's the weirdest boss I've ever battled) and I decided that I could make a stage out of it. Bomamba is an old lady Nightmaren with a lot of mutant cats(at least that's how I see it), the cats roll into balls and in order to defeat Bomamba, you must tilt a game board so that the balled-up cats roll into holes placed on the game board.

Creepy, huh?


NiGHTS Journey of Dreams-Nintendo WiiScreenshots11628Boss Bomamba 011

Like I said, the weirdest boss I've ever battled

The stage is one of the game boards from the boss battle, positioned right underneath Bomamba herself. Often the stage will tilt, causing the fighters and items to roll around. Occasionally, Bomamba will send one of her mutant cats(which look like furry snakes with cat heads) down to join in the fight. They tower over the fighters but don't worry, they don't stick around for very long.

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