Beth is a young girl from Ordon village. She appears in Super Smash Sisters as a playable character alongside Ilia.


During the beginning of Twilight Princess, Beth seems to have a small crush on Link, admiring him for all the important things he does while still having time to relax.[1] She always hangs out with Talo and Malo, but thinks that they are both immature and calls them "brats" and "idiots."[2] As such, she is often scolding them for asking things of Link, only to see her asking Link the same question, claiming that it's only because they won't leave him alone.[3] Before Link departs to Hyrule Castle, Beth mentions to him that she would also like to go since there is nothing in Ordon Village that looks good on her.[4] She also complains that she won't help at her mom's store until her dad stops buying inventory for boys and starts bringing in more "girly stuff."[5]

Beth has the least to do with the story line out of the Ordon children: Talo, Malo and Colin; however, she still is one of the children that gets kidnapped by King Bulblin and his minions early in the game. When Link travels to Kakariko Village, he finds Beth and the rest of the children taking refuge from the shadow beasts under the care of Renado, the shaman of the village. Beth bursts into tears as Barnes explains the deadly fate that could befall them,[6] but Colin is fast and tries to cheer her up by saying that Link will come and save them all.[7]

Later on, after Kakariko Village is freed from twilight, Beth and Talo are talking in the middle road of Kakariko just when King Bulblin comes again and tries to run over the two children. However, Beth is pushed out of harm's way by Colin, who is in turn kidnapped. Once Colin is rescued by Link, Beth will stop teasing the young boy and start taking care of him in order to help him recuperate from the injuries he received.[8][9] She can be seen along with Luda caring for Colin at the Elde Inn.[10]

Beth also seems to develop some interest in Prince Ralis, and once the young Zora leaves, she regrets not having gotten to know him better so that she could have met the Zora Royal Family and possibly become a princess in the process.[11] She also evidently becomes good friends with Luda, Renado's daughter. Beth and Luda can be seen hugging in the end credits as Beth departs back to Ordon.

How to Unlock

  • 130 Matches
  • Beat classic with Ilia on Normal or higher.

Special Moves

  • B: Rock Throw: Beth takes out a rock the size of her head then throws it right at her opponent.
  • B Side: Clumsy Spin: Beth spins clumsily around with her hands out meaning the opponent should not get near her.
  • B Up: Ordon Crush: Beth jumps herself then when high enough, she will drop and land on her butt creating a shockwave around herself. Much similar to King Dedede's Up Special.
  • B Down: Side Roller: Beth leaps forward a little then rolls along the ground crushing at her opponent's feet if she is close enough. After 5 hits, she knocks her opponent away then gets back up to rub her head.
  • Final Smash: Ordon Children Clothesline: Beth whistles for Talo and Malo then the 2 charge forward. If they connect, they grab the opponent's arms then punch the opponent in the stomach. the 2 Ordon boys then run for Beth as she runs her right hand right into her opponent's face, knocking the opponent away. After the attack, Beth giggles as Malo and Talo leave.

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