Super Smash Bros.: The Primid Wars Part 3 Battle for the Mushroom Kingdom.


Since the capturing of Dr. Eggman’s base, the Rebellion turned it into a second base for them to occupy. Miles “Tails” Prower and Slippy Toad used the factory where Eggman created his robots to make more models of the upgraded R.O.B. society, and formed an army. Now they had a threat to the grand Subspace Army. It was time they had made preparations for battle. R.O.B. called upon Mario to discuss plans for taking back the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario made suggestions on fighters he should take with him into battle. R.O.B. called upon them via comm. link. “The following fighters must report to the ready room. Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Link, Kirby, Pit, and Sonic. That will be all.” All of the fighters that were called made their way to the ready room. R.O.B. stood with Mario and presented the fighters with a plan. “We are going to make our next attack on the Mushroom Kingdom.” said R.O.B. “It is our highest priority to rescue this area from the Army’s control since it holds the most population in danger out of any of the other attacked locations, and because it has a very weak defense system.” “First, we are going to divide the strike force into two parts. One will take back Princess Peach’s Castle.” said R.O.B. “From there, that half will use the power of the castle’s stars to force the rest of Bowser’s army back, while the other half will mount an assault on his castle and force him out of the Mushroom Kingdom.” R.O.B. finished his statement by saying “Any questions?” Link raised his hand. “What are Power Stars?” he asked. Peach stood up to answer the question. “Power Stars are magical stars that grant a special power to my castle. Bowser stole them once before, but Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario managed to help get them back.” “Wait a minute… Wario actually helped you with something?” asked Pit. “He helped us, and he also stole a lot of Bowser’s treasure.” said Mario. “Oh.” said Pit. “That explains a lot.” “Any other questions?” asked R.O.B. “What should we expect to face on the battle field?” asked Link. “Nothing really difficult to defeat.” said Mario. “Bowser’s army mostly consists of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and the occasional Hammer Bro. Like I said, they’re easy to beat. This shouldn’t be a tough fight.” “Anything else?” asked R.O.B. No one said anything. “Alright. You all will be leading the upgraded R.O.B. models into this mission. Be safe, and good luck.” finished R.O.B. The fighters left to board their ships.

The Fight Begins

The transport ships flew the fighters and the R.O.B.s to the Mushroom Kingdom. From a distance, a Goomba and a Koopa Troopa was keeping watch for invaders. “What do you see?” asked the Koopa to the Goomba. “Trees. Rocks. Water. My life passing by…” the Goomba noticed some birds. “and some birds.” Koopa looked in his direction. “Those are too big to be birds.” said Koopa. Goomba got a closer look. “Hey, you’re right!” said Goomba. “Those… those are ships! Sound the alarm! We’re under attack!” Koopa rang the bell and alerted the others manning their defense posts. The ships flew by over head. “It’s an invasion!” cried Goomba.

The ships continued to fly towards the kingdom. Mario heard a bell ring as the ships flew by. “Great.” said Mario. “They now we’re here!” On the ground stood a Koopa in front of a large assembly of Hammer Bros. “Hammers at the ready!” said the Koopa. The Hammer Bros. raised their hammers. Koopa waited for the ships to get in range. “FIRE!” cried the Goomba. All of the Hammer Bros. tossed their hammers. The hammers banged and bashed the ships. “Force Fields up!” cried Mario. Force Fields were thrown up and surrounded the ships. The hammers bounced off of the force field. “Our hammers aren’t making any dents!” cried the Koopa. “Alert Prince Jr.!” When the force got passed that marker, Mario called out to the others. “This is where we separate!” cried Mario. “Luigi, Sonic, Pit, Yoshi and I will take the fight to Bowser. Peach will lead Daisy, Link, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong to take back her castle!” The force went their separate ways. “Good luck, Mario!” cried Peach. “You too!” said Mario.

The Castle Siege

Bowser Jr. couldn’t remember a time when he was happier. His dad, Bowser had left him in charge of things around Princess Peach’s castle. This was an important location for Bowser’s fraction of the Army. Bowser Jr. promised not to let his Papa down. But he still got nervous when he got the call saying the castle was about to be attacked. He prepared his defense force. “Alright,” said Bowser Jr. “Take ‘em out! All canons, FIRE!” The canons fired laser blasts into the sky. They were too powerful for the shields, and many of the ships exploded. “The canons are too much!” cried Link. “The shields can’t handle it!” Peach didn’t have much experience on the battlefield, so she didn’t know what to do. She thought for a while, before saying “Listen up, air force! From here, we need to land and take the fight to them on foot!” The ships landed but were still under fire. A horde of Primids was waiting for them, and had opened fire. But the R.O.B.s had managed to get themselves together, and fired at the Primids. While the Primids had better guns and endurance, the R.O.B.s had the advantage thanks to their built in targeting system. They made accurate shots each time, and pressed the Primids back. “Bring on the Bombers!” Paratroopas (Koopas with wings) Flew from the sky, carrying Bob-ombs in their hands. They dropped them into the crowd, taking the lives of the robots as they dropped. The R.O.B.s tried to aim for the sky, but the Paratroopas were too small targets, the R.O.B.s couldn’t hit them. “Diddy Kong,” cried Peach. “Use your jetpack! Take those Paratroopas out of the sky!” “Roger! Will do!” said Diddy. He activated his Barrel Jetpack and pulled out his Peanut Popguns. He flew into the flock of Paratroopas and fired Peanuts at them. “Rocketbarrel Barrage!” he cried as he unleashed his ultimate attack. The Paratroopas fell out of the air, one by one, as each was hit by a peanut. The bombing had ceased but they had lost most of their troops, and Peach and her army pressed on.

Mario and his team set their course for Bowser’s castle. Mario had explained to the team how Bowser’s fortress would be heavily guarded. But to his surprise there was no one guarding the castle. When they got to the castle the bridge was clear of enemies, and in fact the doors to the castle were wide open! Mario and his team landed. “It’s obviously a trap.” said Mario. “So do we take the bait and head on in?” asked Pit. “That sounds like fun!” said Sonic. “No it doesn’t!” said Luigi. “Yoshi! Yoshi!” said Yoshi. He sounded nervous. “What’s the matter, Yoshi?” asked Mario. Then he felt the ground shake. He saw Wario and Waluigi ride out on their bikes. Followed by thousands of Primids on Speeder Bikes. “Mama Mia!” cried Mario. Everyone on their bikes was holding giant lances. They pointed them at Mario and his team. “CHARGE!” cried Wario. The bikes all charged. “Back to the ships! Quickly!” cried Mario. The team tried to run back to their ships. Not all of the R.O.B.s made it, however, but the ships took off before more damage was done. Mario watched as the bikes rode off towards the Mushroom Kingdom. He looked up towards the sky to see Bowser and his Airship fleet. The ships flew in the same direction the bikes were going in. Mario saw the head Airship, Bowser’s personal Airship. Bowser noticed Mario. “Mario?” said Bowser. “You’re here earlier then I expected.” he said. “Where do you think you are going, Bowser?” asked Mario. “Its moving day!” said Bowser. “I knew you would try to invade my home, so I decided to leave. I’m moving to another location. In the meantime, I was going to ambush the armies at Princess Peach’s Castle with a surprise bike and bomb attack. But now, I guess you’ll just try to make things difficult so… all batteries open fire!” cried Bowser. The Airships shot at Mario’s fleet. “Evasive maneuvers!” cried Mario. The ships dodged, barrel rolled, and did what ever they could to get out of Bowser’s reign of fire. “Luigi!” cried Mario. “Take Pit with you and do what you can to stop the Bike raid!” “Me? Why me?” asked Luigi. “Because Peach won’t survive without your help!” said Mario. “Now go!” “Alright, alright already! Sheesh! Okay, let’s go, Pit. Mushroom Squadron, follow me!” “Right behind you, Luigi!” said Pit as they flew off. “Yoshi, Sonic, you’re with me! We’re taking the fight to Bowser!” “Okay!” said Sonic. “Time for a little fun!” Mario and the rest of the ships moved on to attack the Airships.

A Dark Turn

Bowser Jr. was unhappy. He and his army were losing! A Koopa ran up to him. “Sir! They are marching through our barricades! I don’t know how long we can hold them back!” “Then its time to finish this. I’m gonna bring out my secret weapon!” said Bowser Jr. He jumped back behind the castle. Suddenly, there was a load crash and rumble.

Peach and her team felt the ground shake. “What’s happening?” asked Link. “I don’t know!” cried Peach. Kirby looked up and gestured to something rising from behind the castle. “What is it, Kirby?” asked Donkey Kong. “Up there!” cried Daisy. A clawed hand pulled on the roof of the castle, using it for support. Another hand followed. From behind the castle rose… a giant Mechanical Bowser! “Behold, the Mecha Bowser 2.0!” said Bowser Jr. “Much more powerful then the previous model, with more weapons systems, a more accurate targeting system, and the strength to lift over 5000 tons!” A launching mechanism rose from Mecha Bowser’s shoulder, and shot Bullet Bill after Bullet Bill onto the R.O.B.s. More and more R.O.B.s were blown away with each shot. “We’re getting torn to shreds!” cried Daisy. “What do we do?” asked Diddy Kong. “We fight!” said Peach. “This thing look’s strong, but it must have a weakness!” Peach thought back to her adventure on Isle Delfino. She was kidnapped by a shadow version of Mario, who had turned out to be Bowser Jr. in disguise, and was held captive within the robot. She remembered how Mario had managed stuff Bullet Bills into his F.L.U.D.D. device and shot them into Mecha Bowser’s head, thus destroying the robot. “I have an idea!” cried Peach.

Luigi, Pit, and the Mushroom Squadron pursued the Bike armada headed towards Peach’s team. “The castle’s a large distance away from this area!” said Luigi. “And these guy aren’t going anywhere fast.” said Pit. “Any ideas on stopping them?” asked Luigi. Pit thought for a second. “I have a plan. Let’s meet them off headway.” Pit altered his transmission so he could communicate with R.O.B. “R.O.B.?” he asked. “Yes?” asked R.O.B. “Send a supply ship of speeder bikes and laser lances to the following coordinates.” Pit transmitted the coordinates. “Will do.” said R.O.B. “This should be fun!” said Pit.

Mario, Yoshi, and Sonic jumped out of their ships and jumped onto Bowser’s personal Airship. Primids on the ship shot at them with their guns. They dodged the blasts and either punched the Primids unconscious or threw them off of the deck. “You know, Mario,” said Bowser. “I’ve waited for years for this victory. And now, after every trap, every scheme, every kidnapping, I’ve finally won! And now, I’m not going to let anyone take that victory away from me!” “I don’t care, Bowser!” said Mario. “I’m still going to defeat you like always.” “We’ll see.” said Bowser. Bowser roared and growled in a frightening tone. “Because I’m pumped, and nothing is gonna take me down today!” Bowser jumped into the air and breathed an intense inferno of fire onto the fighters. Mario, Yoshi, and Sonic were engulfed in the blast. Bowser landed and cried “HA!” Suddenly the fire surrounding them began to swirl, and rise higher in the air. “What the…?” cried Bowser. Then the fire dispersed into nothing. Sonic skidded to a halt. “You’re going to have to do better then that!” he said. “I see.” said Bowser. “Well, it just so happens that I have some new tricks up my sleeve.” Bowser ginned. Then he concentrated. Suddenly, the spikes on the back of his shell flew up and launched towards Mario and his friends! They managed to dodge the spikes, Yoshi barely. Bowser jumped towards Yoshi and shoved him into the mast of the Airship. The Bowser picked him up and threw him into Mario. Sonic ran towards Bowser and curled up into a spiked ball. He rolled into Bowser’s stomach at a super sonic speed, and knocked Bowser off of his feet. “Ooof!” cried Bowser, as he landed with a thud. Bowser picked himself up. Sonic jumped up into the air and kicked him several times in the air. Bowser blocked the kicks with his claws. Bowser grabbed Sonic’s leg in mid kick and threw him into the mast. But Mario and Yoshi were up now and pressed the assault. Mario leaped at him and punched him in the jaw. Bowser rose up into the air, and Yoshi threw some of his eggs at him. The eggs smacked Bowser in the face. Hard. Mario leaped above him and a pillar of flame shot forth from his hands. Bowser fell to the deck of the ship. Bowser got up, but Sonic jumped up and bounced off of him in his curled position, and Bowser fell to the floor once more. “Alright.” said Bowser. “You fools leave me no choice. Now…” Bowser began to glow. Then he grew … and he morphed his appearance. He was no longer Bowser. Now, He was GIGA BOWSER! The mightiest creature to ever walk the face of the Earth! “YOU ARE DOOMED!” he cried as he roared. Mario, Yoshi, and Sonic looked up at Giga Bowser in awe. “Mama Mia!” said Mario.

Peach’s army was almost pinned. Since Bowser Jr. brought out Mecha Bowser, the R.O.B.s stood no match, and all were almost destroyed. Peach had no choice but to put her plan into motion. “Okay Kirby… NOW!” she cried. Kirby flew into the air on his warp star. He flew towards Mecha Bowser. Bullet Bills were shot at him. Kirby sucked one into his mouth. Then he spat it back out into Mecha Bowser’s head. It bounced off of his head. It didn’t do any damage at all. “Ha, ha!” laughed Bowser Jr. “That old trick won’t work on me again! I’ve corrected that error with 2.0!” Peach tried to come up with another plan. “We’ll need something heavier.” she said. She looked around. She saw one of the ships that they had used to get here. Then she got another idea. Kirby, suck Donkey Kong into your mouth!” she said. “WHAT?” asked DK. “You’re crazy if you think I’m going into that puffball’s mouth!” “DK, please!” said Peach. “Kirby is the only one who can ride that warp star! And you’re the only one with the strength to lift that ship! Kirby needs to copy your strength if we’re going to stop that thing!” “Oh, alright!” said DK. Kirby sucked DK into his mouth and copied his powers. Then he spat him back out. DK wiped the drool off of his fur. “YUCK!” he cried. Kirby jumped onto his warp star and flew into towards the ship. He picked up the ship and flew towards Mecha Bowser. Kirby tossed the ship into Mecha Bowser’s head. The head became loose and fell off. “WOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHH!” Bowser Jr. screamed as the head rolled into a ditch. Jr. knocked the emergency exit door open. Then, he jumped out. “We’ve got him beat, men!” said Peach. “Charge!”

Meanwhile, Luigi, Pit, and the Mushroom Squadron landed at the coordinates where R.O.B. had the speeder bikes land. “Okay, men!” said Pit. “We don’t have a lot of time! Man your bikes and let’s take the fight to them!” The R.O.B.s manned their vehicles. Then they drove off headlong to meet Wario and his attackers.

Wario looked through his binoculars at the road ahead. “See anything?” asked Waluigi. “Nope. We’re in the clear.” said Wario. “Wait… I see something.” “What?” asked Waluigi. “Company. And on their own bikes, too!” said Wario. “This should be interesting!” “Heads up, guys!” said Waluigi. “Incoming resistance! Brace yourselves!”

“I see them.” said Pit. He gestured to the rest of the R.O.B.s. “Get ready!” he said.

The two bike armies collided. R.O.B.s or Primids were sent flying in all directions. Luigi charged ahead at Wario. Wario charged too and the two lances collided as Wario and Luigi rode past each other. “I said I was gonna get you for trashing my bike!” said Wario. “Well get ready to pay up!” Luigi and Wario charged at each other again. But this time, Wario farted, which launched him high into the air. He threw his lance into Luigi’s engine, causing the bike to explode! Luigi flew into the air crying “YEOUCH!”. He landed back on the ground with a thud, while Wario landed back on his bike. He revved it up, preparing to charge. “So long, loser!” he said. “Wario! Let’s go!” shouted Waluigi. He and most of the bike fleet had already gotten past the blockade. Wario frowned. “Next time then, meat.” Then, he drove away. Pit ran up to Luigi. “They got through!” he said. “I know!” said Luigi. “I can only hope we bought Peach enough time.”


Giga Bowser roared with terrible rage. Sonic looked at Mario. “How are we going to defeat that?” he asked. “We’re going to need some major fire power to bring him down.” said Mario. “Okay. I see where you’re getting at!” said Sonic. Sonic summoned the seven Chaos Emeralds to his side. Suddenly he began to glow yellow, then he burst into a bright yellow flame. He rose high into the air. “Giga Bowser,” he said. “Meet Super Sonic!” Super Sonic charged at Giga Bowser. He slammed himself into Giga Bowser’s chest, knocking Giga Bowser over. Giga Bowser got up and grabbed at Super Sonic. Super Sonic dodged all of his swipes except for one. The claw held Super Sonic tight in his clutches. Super Sonic screamed as the power of shadow course through his veins. Then, Giga Bowser tossed Super Sonic high into the air. Super Sonic landed on Giga Bowser’s spikes which froze him, then, Giga Bowser head butted into him, which caused a small explosion that knocked Super Sonic into the bow of the ship. Yoshi saw that Sonic need help, so he transformed as well. He sprouted wings on his back and flew into the air. Yoshi breathed an inferno fire blast into Giga Bowser. But Giga Bowser merely shrugged it off. He backhanded Yoshi into Super Sonic. Mario also began to glow. “Try this on for size, Giga Bowser!” Mario unleashed a terrible fire blast, more powerful then Yoshi’s. It had the strength of a small sun. It slammed into Giga Bowser, who screamed in terrible and intense pain. When the smoke cleared from the blast, Giga Bowser stood, laughing. “If this is the best you bothersome fools can do, then your deaths are inevitable!” laughed Giga Bowser.

Kirby and Peach rode on the warp star up onto the roof of the castle. Peach stood out and looked at the armies in battle. Then she took a deep breath. Then she glowed with power from the magic of the Power Stars. Peach gestured towards the Primids. She outstretched her hand and destroyed all of the Primids’ guns. Then all of the Primids dispersed. Bowser Jr. looked up. “What? NO!” he cried.

“We’re coming up on the castle now!” said Waluigi to the Primids. The bikes came up to the castle. Suddenly, all of the Primids dispersed into nothingness. Wario looked around. “What’s goin’ on?” he asked. “Evil is no longer welcomed here, in my Kingdom!” said Peach. Her voice boomed, which sounded like it carried on for miles. Bowser Jr., Wario, and Waluigi were all extremely nervous.

Giga Bowser breathed flame onto Mario, Dragon-Yoshi, and Super Sonic. It wasn’t quite as powerful as the blast Mario had unleashed on Giga Bowser earlier, but it was painful enough. The Airship got in range of Princess Peach’s castle. Suddenly, Giga Bowser’s flame stopped. “What?” he asked. “What’s going on?” Giga Bowser felt woozy, and dizzy. He leaned on the sail mast for support. “I … feel so weak.” Then, Giga Bowser reverted back to Bowser. “What’s happening?” he cried. “Salvation!” said Mario. Super Sonic and Dragon-Yoshi grabbed Bowser by his arms. “Hey! Let go of me!” cried Bowser. They held him up high in the air. Mario began to glow again. Bowser looked at Mario with dread. “Oh… no!” he said. Mario unleashed the blazing inferno again, which slammed into Bowser, and carried him into a mountain while Bowser cried “NOOOOOOO!” Mario, Super Sonic, and Dragon-Yoshi jumped off of the Airship as it crashed onto the ground. Mario, Super Sonic, and Dragon-Yoshi landed on the ground alongside Daisy, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Link, and Kirby. Pit also flew by with Luigi in his hands. Super Sonic and Dragon-Yoshi reverted back to normal. Mario looked around and smiled. “Good job gang! Mission Accomplished!” Mario looked around again. “Wait a minute, where’s Peach?” Mario felt himself being lifted into the air. He landed on the roof Princess Peach’s castle. “Right here!” said Peach. Then, she kissed him, which made Mario feel like there were a thousand bright golden suns inside of him.

The rocks at the mountain where Bowser was slammed into fell aside. Bowser rose up. “Oh, everything hurts.” Bowser Jr., Wario, and Waluigi flew the Koopa Clown Car towards the mountain. “Sorry, boss.” said Wario. “We tried.” said Waluigi. “It doesn’t matter. Now that they think they’ve won, take me to Luigi’s Mansion. Wario nodded.

He drove the Koopa Clown Car through a thick forest. The car landed at the base of a massive creepy-looking and run-down mansion. Wario helped Bowser into the mansion. In the front hallway of the mansion, Bowser cried out “King Boo! I know you’re there! I need to talk to you!” A massive ghost suddenly appeared out of no where. It laughed, ghoulishly. “Bowser!” said the ghost. “I haven’t seen you for a while. You look well.” “Cut the comedy, King Boo! I’m here for you’re help!” said Bowser. “What do you need?” asked King Boo. “I need you to help me find a lost soul for me. A scientist who used to go by the name Andross.”

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