Battlefield Fortress Ninsais, Sword Ninjai Primids, and a Saklai attacking Meta Knight in the the Battlefield Fortress.The Battlefield Fortress is a Ninjai Revolt stage in the game Super Smash Bros. Revolution. As the outside of the castle is seen, many arrows and catapults are laying around in the sand. A Bomb is seen, with two R.O.B.s and Gatomon activating the bomb. It sucks in sand, possibly along with many of the fallen arrows. The Ninja Sukai had dropped the bomb, and while he floats away with another bomb, many Ninjai pop out from the sand, heading towards the castle. Atop the castle, a lone person is seen: Marth, whom raises his sword in the air, which flashes. He then ventures from the inside of the castle to the outside. Later, he stands in front of Ninjai, but he glares to the right after hearing something. He prepares his sword, and Meta Knight flies downards, engaging in a sword fight. This is soon interrupted by Ninjai Primids, who jump on the back of the two, are cut in half by both swords. They form a team, and defeat the army of Ninjai Primids. They then chase the Minister, whom has another bomb. As the two try to cut the bomb off of him, they both failed. But, a Kunai is thrown behind him, where Saskai jumps and stabs,He then uses a Jutsu attck which cuts the connection of the bomb to the Sukai(who then flies off like a rocket). The three form a Swordsmen team(even though Saskai has a kunai), and chase after the Ninjai, only to fail. They then head off.


Super Smash Bros Brawl Hack - Playing Subspace Emissary With Texture ( Battlefield Fortress )12:36

Super Smash Bros Brawl Hack - Playing Subspace Emissary With Texture ( Battlefield Fortress )

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