Banjo & Kazooie

Banjo-kazooie ssbc


Attack: 3/5

Speed: 3/5

Attack Speed: 4/5

Jump: 4/5

Reach:  3/5

Gravity:  3/5

Weight:  3/5

Traction:  2/5

Height:  3/5

Costumes Banjo changes the colour of his backpack and Kazooie changes the colour of her feathers

Default Banjo Blue - Kazooie Red

Banjo Red - Kazooie Blue

Banjo Green - Kazooie Yellow

Banjo Black - Kazooie Crimson


Banjo appears on the battlefield by Kazooie flying and landing


Up: Kazooie comes out and pecks Banjo's head

Left/Right: Banjo munchs on a honeycomb.

Down: banjo pulls out kazzoie as if he is going to fire eggs

Victory pose

Victory Pose 1: Same as the up taunt.

Victory Pose 2: They fly in and crash land.

Victory Pose 3: A Jiggy appears in front of them and they pick it up and put it in Banjo's backpack.


Crawl jump 3 times

Has 2 different dash syles and attacks:

If you dash forward (in the direction Banjo's facing), Banjo runs and the dash attack in this form is a rolling attack. If you dash backward (in the opposite direction that Banjo's facing), Kazooie pops out and does the Talon Trot and the dash attack in this form is the Beak Barge


A: Punch

AA: Punch

AAA: Kazooie Peak

A>: Roundhouse Kick

Smash A>: Breegull Bash

A^: High Kick

Smash A^: Kazooie Drill Peak

Av: Low Kick

Smash Av: Sweeping Pack Whack

Running A: Dashing Slash


A: Leaping Kick

A^: Somersault Kick

A>: Rat-A-Tat Rap

Av: Downward Pack Whack

A<: Backward DropKick


B: Breegull Blaster - Banjo grabs Kazooie out of his pack and shoots enemies with eggs. Description: Like Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun, you can charge it up. However, charging doesn't directly increase the power of the projectile, it increases flight speed and distance which in turn increases power. While it's charging, you can aim it similar to the Cracker Launcher. Kazooie obviously fires eggs, but the question is "Which eggs?" Well here's how it breaks down: 1 out of every 2 eggs fired will be Normal Eggs. These are basic eggs and have no effect other than doing damage. 1 out of every 5 eggs fired will be Fire Eggs. These burst into flame on impact. 1 out of every 5 eggs fired will be Ice Eggs. The faster these eggs are traveling when they impact, the higher the chance they will freeze an opponent. Finally 1 out of every 10 eggs fired will be Grenade Eggs. These are the rarest and strongest of the eggs

Side Special Move:Wing Whack Description: Banjo spins around and Kazooie moves her wings around in an arc. This is similar to the Ice Climbers' Squall Hammer but not as strong. It also doesn't leave them vulnerable after it is used in the air

up Special Move:Feathered Flight Description: This is their normal flying ability, but I wanted to give it a catchier name. This is similar to Pit's Wings of Icarus except that Banjo's body is held horizontally as they fly (Pit's body is held vertically as he flies). Banjo and Kazooie shed red feathers as they fly

Bv: Beak Buster - Banjo will jump into the air then Kazooie will come out and smash into the ground beak-first on enemies. If Banjo is already in the air Kazooie will come out quicker

Final Smash:Split Up Description: Kazooie leaps out of Banjo's backpack. She then flies around the stage, similar to Yoshi's Super Dragon, and fires eggs. Pressing the normal attack button will fire off Normal Eggs. Pressing the special move button will fire off Fire Eggs, Ice Eggs and Grenade Eggs at random. The eggs fire at maximum velocity. But what about Banjo, what's he doing now that Kazooie's out of the bag. Banjo climbs into his pack and performs the Snooze Pack. This is where he sleeps and regains health as he sleeps. Banjo is invulnerable to attacks during this but Kazooie can still take damage. Also, if Banjo falls too far off the screen and is KO'd, Kazooie disappears and you lose one stock. So be careful when and where you use it.


Z: Grab: Grapple Beam

Z+A: Kick

Z^: High Back Flip Kick

Z>: Forward Swing Throw

Zv: Bill Drill

Z<: Reverse Swing Throw

Color Changes

Smash Bros Dojo


Banjo-Kazooie Smash 4 Dream DLC Character Moveset09:48

Banjo-Kazooie Smash 4 Dream DLC Character Moveset

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