Astram (アストリア, Astria) is a knight of Akaneia and the lover of Midia. He was forced to join the Dolunian forces under his ruler's orders. However, Midia managed to convince him to join Marth. On Hardin's ascension, Astram was promoted and rewarded with the sword Mercurius. Despite Hardin's fall to madness, Astram continued to serve him, on the basis of serving Akaneia. He somehow resents Jeorge after he betrayed Akaneia, but Jeorge managed to convince him to abandon Akaneia. Astram complied, but swore to make Jeorge pay if he turns out to be lying, though it turns out that he was telling the truth.

Super Smash Sisters Role

Astram is a non-playable character in Smash Sisters. He uses the Mercurious sword to attack in combat. He still loves Midia, unknowing she is also a lover of Nyna. He can go for a team final smash with Midia.

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