Arran (アラン, Aran, called Alan in fan translations) is an elite knight from Altea who went into hiding after Doluna's take over. He can join Marth, but recruiting him bars the option of recruiting Samson, since he hides in a village which is constantly at conflict with its neighboring village. Nevertheless, even if he's not recruited, in the end of Marth's first quest, Arran was able to return to the ranks of the Altean Knights.

In the second book, Arran took over Jagen's position as the protector of the new recruits in battle. However, he was struck with sickness, which makes his fighting prowess not as good as it was in the previous war, explaining his poor growth rates. At the end of the war, he finally succumbs to his illness and dies.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Arran fights as an NPC in Super Smash Sisters. The Altean knight will use his spear in his right hand and wear a shield on his left arm. Sometimes, his sickness can get the best of him making it hard for players to concentrate. Sometimes, he can charge at an opponent with his shield.

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