Super Smash Bros.: The Primid Wars

Part 2 Armies Form

Starring: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Meta Knight, Ash, Lucario, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Ike, Pit, R.O.B., Sonic, Silver, Bowser, Wario, Ganondorf, King K. Rool, King Dedede, Mewtwo, Wolf, Black Shadow, Ashnard, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman Nega.


“Initiating Subspace Portal test, number 18.” said Dr. Eggman. The machine in front of him began its operation and energy shot forth in front of him. A purple portal opened in front of him. “Yes. Yes! YES!” said the doctor. Suddenly, there was an electricity spike, and electric energy ricocheted everywhere. Dr. Eggman shielded himself from the blast and the experiment exploded, and the purple portal dispersed. Eggman looked around at the blast. “NO!” he cried. His comm. link started to beep. He answered it. “What do you want? I’m very busy!” he said angrily. “I should hope so, doctor.” said Ganondorf. “How goes the Subspace Portal experiment?” he asked. “Terrible.” said Dr. Eggman. “I’ve tried several times. But even with the help of a Chaos Emerald, I can’t open a portal into Subspace. I have inadequate technology to build the portal with.” “You are using your own technology to build the portal, and you’re saying it’s not good enough?” asked Ganondorf, angrily. “The portals were built using the advanced technology of the Isle of Ancients! And since it’s trapped in Subspace as well, I have no way to access it! The technology there was so advanced, as to be from another time period!” “Keep trying, and bring me results! Not excuses.” said Ganondorf. “And how goes Project Corruption?” asked Ganondorf. “It was a complete success. Mewtwo is currently being delivered to you via my personal delivery system.” said Dr. Eggman. “Excellent. Do not disappoint me with the portal experiment, Doctor.” Ganondorf hung up then. Eggman sighed. “So much to do. I can’t get this portal set up, blast it!” “Perhaps I can be of assistance… Great Great Great Grandfather.” Dr. Eggman turned to see his future descendent; Dr. Eggman Nega. “You? After you turned me into a card, twice, and tried to impersonate me and takeover the world behind my back? Never!” Dr. Eggman turned to Metal Sonic. “Metal Sonic, eliminate him!” Metal Sonic activated and attacked Eggman Nega. “WAIT!” he cried. Metal Sonic’s blade-like hand was at Eggman Nega’s throat. “What?” asked Dr. Eggman. “Perhaps we can make a deal.” said Eggman Nega. “What kind of ‘deal’?” asked Dr. Eggman. “I’ll supply you with technology from the future. The technology should allow you open a portal into Subspace. And in return, you share the power of the Subspace Army with me.” “Absolutely not!” cried Dr. Eggman. “Think about it!” said Eggman Nega. “Your experiments will succeed, and when this ridiculous rebellion has been put down, you and I will overthrow Ganondorf, which you plan on doing regardless of whether I help you or not, and we share half the power of the Subspace Army!” Dr. Eggman thought to himself. I have to be a fool to trust him. He’s obviously going to betray me. No. I will get his help with the experiments, and then I will turn him in to Ganondorf. Dr. Eggman smiled. “You have a deal, Great, Great, Great, Grandson!” said Dr. Eggman. He shook Eggman Nega’s hand. Eggman Nega smiled, but he thought to himself He knows I’m just going to betray him. But he needs this experiment completed if he is to keep his life. I’ll help him. But, when the experiment is finished, I’ll leave him trapped in Subspace, and then I’ll impersonate him and take on his role!

The Discovery

So Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega got to work immediately. Eggman Nega provided some of the best technology from his time. Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega tested the portal. They watched as a purple ripple opened in front of their eyes. It stayed opened. Nothing exploded. Dr. Eggman smiled. “We did it! No explosions.” He went to call Ganondorf on the comm link. Eggman Nega watched him race off. “Well, if you don’t mind,” he said “I’ll be leaving now…” Metal Sonic stood in front of him. His arm had transformed into a blaster canon and it was aimed at Eggman Nega. “Get out of my way, you metallic rodent!” said Eggman Nega. “Not so fast, Eggman Nega. There are some people coming over who I want you to meet. And turn you over to.” Please. thought Eggman Nega. “Oh, come now, Grandfather.” said Eggman Nega. “Must we go through such hostilities? Honestly! Can’t we be a little more civilized?” “With you, there’s no such thing as ‘civilized’.” said Dr. Eggman. “How about, ‘treachery’?” asked Eggman Nega. An electric key formed in Eggman Nega’s hand. He jabbed it into Metal Sonic, and electrocuted him. Metal Sonic fell to the floor. Then he spoke into a wristwatch communicator. “Beam, 65 degrees north longitude, 27 degrees west latitude.” he said. A beam of light suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It shone upon Eggman Nega. “Ta-Ta, Grandfather!” said Eggman Nega. Then he disappeared. “Blast!” said Dr. Eggman. No! He couldn’t have escaped! Oh no, what if he tampered with the portal somehow? “Ganondorf will be here any second!” said Dr. Eggman. “Maybe, there’s still time! I can see if the experiment was tampered with somehow…” At that moment the door opened. Ganondorf, Bowser, Wario, King K. Rool, King Dedede, Mewtwo, Wolf, Black Shadow, and Ashnard all entered the room. “Greetings Doctor.” said Ganondorf. “We have come to observe the portal.” Dr. Eggman was nervous out of his wits. He was sweating heavily. “Yes, yes, of course!” said Dr. Eggman nervously. He manned his Egg Exploration Walker. He typed into a built in computer on the machine. “Initiating portal, now.” he said. A purple rift opened in front of their eyes…

Pit flew way towards Palutena’s palace. He landed at the entrance. The doors opened, and he walked his way inside, into Paultena’s throne room. “You summoned me, mistress?” asked Pit. “Yes, my son. The time has come.” Palutena showed Pit a vision of the world below. “The world below and many worlds throughout the universe have been corrupted by an evil force. You must lend your support to the world below in their time of need.” Pit saw the evil horrors happening throughout the galaxy. The legions of Primids, marching, which were shooting from their blasters, destroying anything in their path. Pit knew what he had to do. “Alright. Wish me luck on my mission, mistress.” said Pit. “I will be watching over you my child. Always.” Pit drew his bow, and flew out of the palace, down to the world below. He saw a blue glow. “Is that, him?” said Pit to himself. He flew down closer…

Silver entered the monitor room, where R.O.B. was. “R.O.B., I think I may have found a clue to where the Subspace factory is!” said Silver. He showed him the tracking device. “This is homed in to where an enemy of mine from my time, Eggman Nega, is.” “Hmm.” said R.O.B. “Well, let me check the monitor. 65 degrees north by 27 degrees west …” There was a massive purple blip on the computer. “I’m detecting large Subspace energy spikes in that area! Oh, my gears and starters, you’re right!” he immediately selected some fighters in his databanks. “Attention, the following fighters must make their way to the ready room, Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Meta Knight, Ash, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Ike, and Sonic!” he gestured towards Silver. “Your coming on this mission, too.” he said. “Absolutely!” said Silver, as he followed R.O.B. to the ready room.

Back at the lab, the assembled villains stared at the portal. “So this portal is fully functional?” asked Ganondorf. “Yes. It works perfectly!” lied Dr. Eggman. To be honest, I’m not so sure. he thought to himself. “Well, we must test it then.” he said. “Agreed.” said Black Shadow. “Let’s enter it and see where it takes us.” “The portal has enough energy to last about two hours.” “Enough stalling!” said Bowser. “Let’s head on inside!” The villains walked in one, by one. Dr. Eggman swallowed hard as he entered. Metal Sonic followed, having recovered from his previous attack from Eggman Nega. After a few moments, Eggman Nega burst through the roof inside a massive robot suit. He flew into the portal with the other villains.


Inside the Halbred Mark II, R.O.B. explained the situation to the assembled fighters. “I apologize for explaining things to you on such short notice, but we have a situation.” said R.O.B. “Silver the Hedgehog and I discovered massive Subspace energy spikes coming from this location. We believed that this was the rumored secret factory where secret Subspace experiments were being performed. Our suspicions were correct. This is in fact, the factory where Subspace experiments were being performed, thanks to a transmission from two old friends of ours.” “Who?” asked Mario. “Pit and Lucario. They are waiting for us inside the base.” said R.O.B. “Now, we must capture this factory. This will give us some Intel on the Subspace Army’s agenda.” R.O.B. continued. “We will infiltrate the base, and set up detonation charges in the core reactor. This will set off a chain reaction that will destroy the rest of the factory.” “Incoming transmission from our inside agents.” said Meta Knight. “Play transmission.” said R.O.B. Pit and Lucario appeared on the screen. “Dr. Eggman has set up a Subspace portal. The villains have all gone inside.” said Pit. “We don’t know what their intentions are of going into Subspace, but we advise you to come and see for yourselves.” “Understood.” said R.O.B. “Okay, change of plans. First, we’ll investigate the portal, and then we’ll capture it.” said R.O.B. The team nodded as the ships flew deeper into the base.

The villains had made it into Subspace. “This is excellent.” said King Dedede. “With this portal working, we’ll have enough energy to power all of our weapons. We’ll be unstoppable!” But Ganondorf had other plans. Soon, Master Hand’s power will be mine! he thought. The villains had walked through Subspace for a while. Dr. Eggman was relieved. He was glad to know there was no obvious side affects from the portal. Bowser had spotted a floating Island. “Hey look! Is that…” “The Isle of Ancients!” said Ganondorf. “This could be bad.” said Bowser. “The remainder of the R.O.B. society is in there. What if they see us? Or what if the heroes find them?” Master Hand will have to wait. “That won’t happen.” said Ganondorf. “Come on. We’re going to destroy the Isle, and the last of the R.O.B. society.”

The ships were under heavy fire, and couldn’t land. The fighters jumped out of the ships and landed on the ground using parachutes. None of the robots saw them. Their attention was focused on the two ships, which were on auto pilot. The fighters entered the base. They met up with Pit and Lucario, who showed them the way to Eggman’s lab. “This way!” said Pit. “Hurry!” The team entered the lab. They saw the portal. R.O.B. examined the projector. “This only has enough energy to last about 45 more minutes.” said R.O.B. “Mario, Link, Meta Knight, Lucario, Fox, Sonic and Silver, you’re with me. The rest of you, focus on capturing this base.” Samus, Captain Falcon, Pit, Ike, Donkey Kong, and Ash all nodded. Half of the team went through the portal, and the rest went to capture the base.


Ganondorf and his team walked through the halls of the abandoned Isle of Ancients. Ganondorf sensed something. Something strange. Bowser looked around. “Wow.” he said. “Not much to this place, since Ganondorf blew it up.” “Keep your mind focused, Bowser.” said Ganondorf. “The robots are still here. They will be hostile if we find them.” Black Shadow saw something moving. “Over there! What’s that?” he asked. “Let’s find out.” said Wario. Wario looked around the corner. “Uh-oh.” he said. “Uh-oh? What do you see?” asked King Dedede. King Dedede and the others looked around the corner and saw them. They looked like R.O.B.s but they … had legs! And their arms were more lifelike. They were carrying blasters in their arms. “Intruders!” said one of them. “Attack!” Thousands of blaster shots fired. Ganondorf threw up a barrier using dark magic and blocked most of the shots. Dr. Eggman fired shots from the Egg Canon built onto his exploration walker. They just bounced off an invisible wall in front of the robots. “They have their own force field!” said Dr. Eggman. “Well, we’ll just have to take it down then!” said Bowser. Bowser started to glow. Suddenly, he grew into a giant monster. “I…AM…Giga Bowser!” he said. He slashed at the force field. Nothing was working. Bowser shrank down to normal size and retreated back to his allies. “Nothing’s working!” he said. “It’s too strong, even for Giga Bowser!” “There must be some sort of transmitter here generating the force field!” said Eggman. He looked around. Then he saw two devices hanging from the ceiling. They were generating electric power. “Up there! That look’s like some sort of reactor!” he said. “Leave it to me!” said Ashnard. Ashnard jumped into the air and slashed the generator with one fell swoop from his blade. Now for the other one! he thought. He threw his sword into the other generator, then leaped up and pulled it back out. Ganondorf let down the barrier. “Now, the time has come for your inevitable destruction!” he said. Metal Sonic’s arms turned into two power canons. They fired laser blasts into the crowd of R.O.B.s. Eggman shot laser blasts at the crowd too, while Ganondorf attacked them with his sword, along with Ashnard. Black Shadow joined in too, using his attacks and powers to deliver fatal blows to the R.O.B.s. Wario and King K. Rool used their strength to attack the R.O.B.s, while Bowser slashed at them with his claws, and King Dedede smashed them with his hammer. Ganondorf was about to bring down a fatal blow on a R.O.B. when something stopped him. It was another blade! Ganondorf looked up to see Link. Link pushed Ganondorf back and lunged at him. Ganondorf dodged. As he looked around, he saw a bunch of fighters going up against the villains. Mario and Bowser were pushing against each other, matching each other’s strength. “You’ll pay for what has happened to the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser!” Donkey Kong had thrown King K. Rool into a wall. “That was for the jungle!” he said. Meta Knight was dueled King Dedede, sword to hammer. “Well, my ‘liege’ this seems to be it!” said Meta Knight. “For you, maybe!” said King Dedede. Lucario battled Mewtwo, matching his Aura to Mewtwo’s shadow. You are a Pokemon. said Lucario telepathically. You are fighting with the wrong people, who have forced you here against your will. You must remember! Mewtwo frowned and pressed his attack. Never! I’ll never betray my master! he said to Lucario telepathically. Fox and Wolf fired their blasters at each other. “I’m going to be the one to take you down, Fox.” said Wolf. “Maybe.” said Fox. “But not today!” Dr. Eggman fired some shots at Sonic who easily dodged them. “Hold still rodent!” said Eggman. “Come on, Eggman!” said Sonic as he dodged another shot. “This is me you’re saying that to! I never hold still” Metal Sonic was pinned against a wall by Silver’s telekinesis. “Just so you know,” said Silver. “I don’t care much for doppelgangers of my friends.” Black Shadow used his powers to deflect laser fire from the R.O.B.s. “We’re losing Ganondorf!” said Black Shadow. “We need to retreat.” Ganondorf noticed something. “What happened to all of the R.O.B.s?” he asked. Black Shadow looked around. Ganondorf was right. There was a considerable amount of R.O.B.s missing from the fight. “You’re right. That must mean… we need to go back!” he cried. Ganondorf nodded, just before Link attacked him again. Ganondorf blocked and parried him. Then, he used his powers to raise Link from the ground, then he kicked him aside. “Away with you, boy!” said Ganondorf. “My fight is not with you today.” He turned towards the other villains. “Attention villains! Retreat! Back to the portal!” he cried. As if on cue, a massive robot suit busted in through the roof. “No one is going anywhere!” said Eggman Nega.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Samus, Pit, Captain Falcon, Ash, and Ike ran through the base. “We must capture the base.” said Samus. “This means, we must make our way up to the observation deck, and tamper with the signal so that the robots turn to our side.” “Sounds easy enough.” said Captain Falcon. “Yeah.” said Ike. “Which way’s the observation platform?” “That way.” said Samus. “Through all of the robots.” The team turned to see a large tower with the observation deck at the top level. They also saw the hordes and hordes of robots guarding the tower. “Maybe this isn’t so easy.” said Captain Falcon. “So, how are we going to get up there?” asked Ike. Samus looked around. She saw a transport chute sending packages of materials and supplies up to the deck. If they could at least make it to the chute… “Okay, here’s the plan.” said Samus. “We have to make it to that transport chute. It look’s like it is transporting supplies up the observation tower onto the observation deck. From there, we can recalibrate the signal and send the robots to our side.” “Well, that makes things sound a little easier.” said Ash. The five heard sirens from behind. “Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” The team turned around and saw three giant robots carrying giant spiked hammers. “Intruders will be eliminated.” “Okay, it’s official.” said Ike. “Nothing in life is easy.”

Bringing Down the House

Eggman Nega laughed. “No one’s leaving!” he said. “That’s because… you all are about to die. Right where you stand.” Eggman Nega’s suit raised a robotic arm. It shot a powerful laser from its canon. Everyone barely managed to dodge it in time. Ganondorf got a glimpse of Eggman Nega. “Eggman! Who is that?” asked Ganondorf, suspiciously. “His name is Eggman Nega. He is my future descendent. He has tricked me and betrayed me twice.” “And he must have followed me here from my time!” said Silver. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And once I’ve gotten rid of you, the Subspace Army will become mine! I will carve out an unending legacy and empire for myself. Today is the dawn of the Nega Empire! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Sonic looked at Dr. Eggman. “He is definitely your grandson.” said Sonic. Eggman Nega’s battlesuit outstretched its’ hands. Electricity danced out from the fingertips, shocking all who crossed its path. Ganondorf and Black Shadow managed to protect themselves and advance on the battlesuit. The suit swiped its arm in a downward motion Ganondorf managed to dodge, but Black Shadow was hit, and knocked into a wall. Ganondorf ran up the side of the robot. He took his sword and swiped at the battlesuit. The battlesuit didn’t even take damage. “What?” asked Ganondorf. He didn’t notice the robot hand coming to pick him up. Ganondorf was lifted up off of the robot and was thrown away. Laser canons mounted on the shoulders of the battlesuit fired shots at the fighters below. Meta Knight deflected the shots with his sword, while Link blocked them with his shield. Sonic curled up into his spin dash ball and bounced off the robot’s outer armor. Sonic landed back on his feet. He looked at his work and saw nothing. “What?” he asked. “I didn’t even make a dent!” He turned to Silver. “Silver! You fight this guy all the time! How do we stop him?” Silver stammered. “I’ve never fought any robot of his that big before! I don’t know what to do!”

Meanwhile, back at the base, Samus moved fast, and dodged another crushing blow from the robot. “We need to get to that transport chute!” she said. Captain Falcon dodged a hammer blow as well. “We’re working on it!” he said. Ash ran backwards, along with his Pokemon. “Pikachu! Thunderbolt!” he cried. “Pikachuuuuuuuuuu!” cried Pikachu as unleashed a massive bolt of electricity upon one of the robots. The robot backed up a few steps. It crackled with electricity. “E…rrrrr…or, Errr…orrrrr.” Pit saw what had happened. “Ash, its working! Tell Pikachu to keep it up!” “You heard him Pikachu! Shoot him again!” “Pikachuuuuuuuuuu!” cried Pikachu as unleashed another bolt of electricity. The robot crackled again. But it wouldn’t stop its attack. “It’s not enough!” said Ike. “Alright Pikachu! Like we practiced! Volt Tackle!” Pikachu glowed for a few seconds. Then he transformed into a giant ball of electricity. He charged at the robots. The robots couldn’t handle the level of electricity and exploded. Pikachu landed, and all of the electricity was gone. “Hurry!” said Samus. “Now that that pleasant distraction is out of the way, we can take the base!” The five went towards the transport chute. Captain Falcon ripped it open using his strength and the five went up to the observation platform. Once there, they blasted the robots inside and Samus came up to the signal. She opened a panel, and her power canon on her suit morphed back into a regular hand. She worked with some wires and managed to recalibrate the signal. All of the robots stopped what they were doing. But something went wrong. All of them fell down. They all had malfunctioned! “What happened?” asked Captain Falcon. “Why did all of them malfunction?” “It must have been a failsafe.” said Samus. “Installed so that if anyone messed with the signal, then all of the robots would shut down.” “Well at least the base is ours!” said Ike. “Yeah.” said Pit. “That sure was …” Ike put his hand around Ash’s mouth. “Don’t say it!” said Ike, jokingly. “Whenever you say that, something bad happens! That phrase is cursed!” Everyone laughed at the statement.

Back in Subspace, all of the fighters were still battling Eggman Nega’s battlesuit. “Silver, you must think of someway to stop this thing! We’re all depending on you!” said Sonic. Silver had an idea. He outstretched his hands. He called upon his telekinetic powers. He stretched them to their limits. “ARRRGH!” he cried. Must go on! he thought to himself. The robot stopped it its tracks. “What on earth…?” said Eggman Nega. And with one final scream, he threw his arms apart from each other. The robot fell entirely apart. “Nooooooo!” cried Eggman Nega, as his battlesuit crumbled into pieces. “So close! SOOO CLOSE!” cried Eggman Nega.


Silver picked Eggman Nega up using telekinesis. “End of the line for you, doctor.” said Silver. “When we get back, you’re going back where you belong! In prison.” “You haven’t… seen the… last of…” Eggman Nega fell unconscious. “Bravo, heroes, bravo.” said Ganondorf. “You’ve done an exemplary job today. It’s a pity you have to die now.” “Oh, really?” said Silver. “Noticed something?” Ganondorf pondered at the statement. “Oh no.” he said. He realized what Silver was talking about. All of the R.O.B.s were gone. And most of the fighters were gone too. “In case you’ve forgotten, we only have five minutes to get back, or we’ll be trapped here forever?” With that Silver disappeared with Eggman Nega in his grip. Wario panicked. “I don’t know about the rest of you losers, but I’m outta here!” Wario got out his bike from his convenient carrying case invented for him by Dr. Crygor, and rode it out of the Isle of Ancients. The rest of the villains ran after him. They made through the portal just in time.

“Through your hands up into the air!” said a voice. The villains looked up to see the R.O.B.s aiming their guns at them. Only, there were more of them than before. “What in the world?” said Ganondorf. “Thanks for the base and the army, guys!” said Silver. “You can make your way out the door, now.” said R.O.B. Ganondorf looked around. “I’m impressed.” he said. “We’ll take this as a loss. A checkmate, if you will. However, in this open act of rebellion, you have declared war! I hope you are prepared for the consequences.” “Count on it.” said R.O.B. Ganondorf and the other villains disappeared. R.O.B. turned to Silver. “Thanks to you, not only have we sent the Subspace Army’s operations back months, we have an army.” “And thanks to the Robot factory located within this base, we can make more troops whenever we want!” said Pit. “All in all, a pretty good day.” said Ike.

Ganondorf, now back in Hyrule Castle looked into his mirror. Crazy Hand’s image showed. “My lord,” said Ganondorf. “It is done. The rest of the army will be too distracted in the war that they will never see our true intentions. “Excellent.” said Crazy Hand. “Soon, we shall have our revenge upon the world. This world will know the true extent of our fury.” “Yes!” said Ganondorf trying to picture the glorious dream. “This world will burn in the inferno of our fury!” “That’s if you don’t fail me.” said Crazy Hand. “Yes, master.” said Ganondorf as the picture faded. Our revenge. He thought. You have no idea how wrong you are!

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