Amanda (アマンダ, Amanda) is an anthropomorphic fictional female frog and the love interest and possible future wife of Star Fox Team mechanic Slippy Toad.

The two met and fell in love on the planet of Aquas sometime after the events in Star Fox: Assault, but somewhere before the beginning of Star Fox Command.

Amanda, at first, appears to be very pushy and hates to be kept on the sidelines, but it all seems to stem from her undying devotion to her fiancee and wanting to fight by his side. Perhaps, also to keep from feeling useless. She is very protective and caring toward Slippy and is not afraid to show it.

Amanda Pilots the Tadpole in Star Fox Command as her personal ship.

Depending upon the ending received in Star Fox Command Amanda either joins the Star Fox Team to be close to Slippy, or Slippy and Amanda go on to marry and raise a large family, or/and one of their children joins Fox and Krystal's son Marcus McCloud, Lucy Hare's daughter and Falco Lombardi to form a new Star Fox Team.

Super Smash Sisters

Amanda is one of the playables of Super Smash Sisters. She can use a laser pistol in combat and has some martial arts experience.

How to Unlock

  • Endure a 15-minute fight
  • 50 Matches

Win the match that follows after the first 2.

  • Recruit her in New Order

Special Moves

  • B: Laser Pistol: Amanda takes out a laser pistol, puts it below her left hand and shoots it like a cowboy. She can repeat this before having to put the pistol away.
  • B Side: Leaping Kick: Amanda leaps forward first doing a spinning kick with her rigth leg then a spinning kick to the face with her left leg.
  • B Up: Spinning Frog Uppercut: Amanda first crouches with her right fist back a bit then shoots up while spinning and doing a twirling uppercut.
  • B Down: Lily Pad Smash: Amanda moves her left hand gesturing her opponent while saying "Let me talk to you real close." If an opponent tries to hit her, Amanda will grab her opponent, raises her above her head, do a backbreaker then slam her opponent into the ground.
  • Final Smash: Aquas Artillery: Amanda takes her communicator and radios "This is Amanda requesting fire mission on the battlefield over!" then Aquas command radios "This is Aquas military. Say your target over!" then Amanda points to her opponent. Command radios "Firing for effect!" then a large crosshair follows your opponent. Then artillery rains down on the opponent hard. When done, Amanda says "This is a better fireworks out tonight!"

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