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Adzam from Mobile Suit Gundam
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Adzam a spider-like Mobile Armor from Mobile Suit Gundam is here in Super Smash Sisters.


Essentially a mobile gun battery, the Principality of Zeon's MAX-03 Adzam was one of its earliest mobile armor designs, based on the old G87 Luna Tank. Designed as an experimental ground combat unit, the Adzam was the first mobile weapon equipped with the then-untested Minovsky craft system, allowing it to hover in the air for virtually unlimited lengths of time. Mounting eight double-barreled mega particle cannon turrets, it was able to provide 360 degrees of attack and defense against enemies. It also carried three experimental "leader" weapons, designed to deliver a powerful electrical plasma charge against ground units. The leader weapon consisted of two components: an explosive container which saturated the target with a "dust" of highly conductive particles of an unknown material; and the leader weapon itself, which anchored itself into the ground over its target, thus trapping its target inside a "cage", and delivering its highly shocking attack.

Being an experimental unit, only a limited number of Adzams were built, with one assigned to M'quve's mining division on Earth. When Federation mobile suit pilot Amuro Ray discovered one of Zeon's secret mining camps, M'quve and Kycilia Zabi piloted the Adzam into battle against Amuro's RX-78-2 Gundam. The Gundam was nearly destroyed in the battle when it became extremely overheated by an attack from the Adzam's leader, but the effectiveness of the leader's "dust" wore off in time for Amuro to save himself and deliver a crippling blow to the experimental mobile armor.


Adzam is one of the few Mobile Armors to speak in The New Order. When you first see it, it orders some New Order goons to attack. After you save it's prisoners it will attack itself. The baseball teams will help you in the fight.

Attack method

  • Turret fire: The turrets in it's underbelly and top fire on you.
  • Electrical charge: It sends a ball of electricity at you and it will stun you.
  • Stomp: It will bring one of it's legs up to stomp you.
  • Slam: It will jump into the air and try to land on you.



  • "No! My trophies! I'll make you pay for that!" Adzam after you save the prisoners
  • "You look like a good prey. Sick'em boys!" Adzam ordering it's men to attack.
  • "Submit to the New Order!" Taunt.


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